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Fort Churchill History

This is an artist conception of the way Fort Churchill looked in the 1860. There is two versions for the formations of this fort in the Northern Nevada area. The first versions is that some white men kidnapped some Indian woman to have their way with them. Indian warriors tracked them down and dealt with them in the way they should have been dealt with, they killed them. For some reason other white men in the area felt threated by this reaction by the indians and requested troops to be sent by the Federal Government. The second version is that the settlers and pioneers requested troops from the Federal Government as protection against the savages of the area as the Indians out number the white men. My opinion is the first version is closer to the truth as the Indians of Northern Nevada seem to leave the white men alone unless provoked by the white men. For more details on this conflict click on the title below. The Pyramid Lake Indian Wars

This picture is of the Fort laundry which the commander had second thoughts about constructing due to the high cost of labor as well as materials. Inorder to keep the officers content that were staioned at the Fort the commander relented and finished construction of the Laundry and hired woman to do the chore of washing.

This picture was taken October 29, 1998, and is the Hospital at Fort Churchill the way it looks at the present time. The infirmery was build i the shape of an L. At the present time Fort Churchill is a State Historical Park, with a fee for veiwing the ruins. It also has a building that displays a history of the Fort and some history of the campaigns against the Indians.

This is an additional building that was used for supplies. Which gives an idea of how large a fort this use to be. It had a large amount of area to keep safe and not a lot of soliders to do it with as it was established at the same time the Civil War was raging in the East.

This Building was the Headquarters where the commander of the fort worked and the campaigns against the Indians of Northern Nevada were mounted.

These three inch cannons are the type the Cavarly at Fort Churchill used during their campaigns against the Indians.

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