The Difference Between Satanism and Devilworship

THE DIFFERANCE The differance is pretty big. In Satanism you are your own "god", and when you worship the Devil, you worship him or herself as the highest force, as a god. Also, Satan in Satanism is pre-christian, and comes from the Pagan image of power, sexuality, sensuality, and virility. To most Satanists, Satan is a force of nature, not a god. It has nothing to do with Hell and evil, unlike the Satan that is worshipped. Devil worshippers build their beliefs on the Christian beliefs, because they worship the evil Satan, ruler of Hell, the Devil in the bible. To Satanists there is no God, no heaven, no Devil, and no Hell. The only God there is, is themselves. If they do believe in another God, it's one of their own personal creations. There is also a differance when it comes to ceremonies. Devil worshippers hold their ceremonies with the purpose to gain power from the devilhimself, and they make sacrifices. Sometimes it is their own blood or the blood of an animal or sometimes much worse. Satanists on the other hand hold their ceremonies with the purpose to build an emotional, controlled energy, also known as magic. People often confuse Devil worshippers and Satanists, and that's one major reason to why the Satanists have to put up with alot of crap that they don't really deserve. Some people call themselves Satanists and go around cutting themselves with razorblades and knives, dying their hair black, only wearing black clothes, and just simply try to look as scary as possible. The truth is, that they have often missed the whol meaning of Satanism. Satanism isn't about being scary, it's about believing in yourself, and not oppress the instincts you were born with. So please don't be frightened. With thanx to heven 666!

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