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Response-O-Matic Form


The information that you provide will be used to gather specific promotional and marketing information about your city/town/area.

1.) Name & e-mail address

2.) What does being a part of a "Street Team" and the word "promotions" mean to you?

3.) Have you ever done promotions before?

4.) Would you be willing to sell our CD's to people you know/don't know?

5.) What about joining our street team interests you?

6.) Would you also be interested in doing Promotions for other groups/talent from other areas?

7.) Please provide the Names and Numbers of Record Stores
that sell Rap in your area (Look in your local Phone Book)

8.) Please Provide the Names and numbers of Local Clubs/ Bars where you think we could perform at.

9.) Please Provide the Call Names of Radio Stations in your area that support and play Rap music
( i.e. WGTO 96.7, etc.)

10.) Name the Cable Providers in your area?
( i.e. Warner, Americast, Media One, etc.)

11.) Are there any Rappers that are putting out tapes/CD's in your area? Tell us about them

12.) Do you or anyone you know work for a record store, radio station, nightclub, etc.?
Please Explain.

13.) Do you or anyone you know DJ, own a club, own a record store, Host a Radio Show?
Please Explain?

14.) Name some of the artists in your CD collection now?

15.) How often are you on the internet?

1-3 hrs a day
3-5 hrs a day
5+ hrs a day
couple days out the week
hardly ever

16.) How often do you check your e-mail?

once a day
two to three times a day
once a week
once or twice a week
when i get the time

17.) Do you think that you could get others (friends/family) to promote with or for you?

18.) Do you have your own transportation?

19.)What size shirt would you wear?

If you could tell us anything about yourself what would it be?

We appreciate you taking the time to assist us in our quest to bring attention to the Midwest! Your Name will be added to our Street Team Mailing List so you can receive updates and trade promo tactics with other members.





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