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HOBBIES:Cars, Tattoes, Acting
APPEARED ON:"Self-Made:The Limited Edition", "From Now...Until"
ABOUT HIM: Down with Self-Made from day one and always soaking up game and giving his professional opinions when needed. "I was there when Chuck and Moss started this shit, and over the years I've just gotten into it more and more." The upcoming releases from "SMR" will feature a lot more of the creative juices of this Self-Made Figga and should be the turning point in his career. " I had the idea to do a MixTape Series called "Street to Street" It was been 'posed to be out but when i first got the idea i didn't realize how much work and effort goes into getting an album to sell. Now with the the acquisition of 100PROOF and his single being recorded and eventually put on the shelves I'll be able to do a lot more and perfect the mixtape series" Fortunately for fans the Street to Street Mix Tapes which was supposed to be release in early 2002 , but has been postponed will eventually reach the streets sometime in 2003. "We just want to make quality music and build a brand name, Right now I have confidence in our new artist 100 Proof that he can provide the talent needed to take the company to the next level. Once that happens we/I can release as many Mixtape series as i want...when the time is right I'll be ready to produce"

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