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WHO:Sir Chuck
HOBBIES: Spittin' Game to the Masses, Handling Business
APPEARED ON: "GameDay", "Self-Made:The Limited Edition", "From Now...Until"
ABOUT HIM: Ever since he can remember, Sir Chuck has always had a nack for business "I came up in the projects in Atlanta so I used to sell candy and pencils and things to the kids in my elementary school for pocket change. I was, taking out older folks trash (laughs) any and everything for a dollar" so his transition to rap hustlin' was only a matter of time. His first apperance on wax back in 1995 on the Ratti Records/Columbus Mob produced "Midwest Funk Soundtrack Vol. 1 under the name "Chuckie the Pimp" was classic and his song called "International Player" still blares from speakers to this day. "That right there put me on the road to really understanding a lot about rapping"However, being pigeonholed as a "rapper" was not the thing for Sir Chuck and he quickly expanded into other things forming Self-Made Records, with his partner, in 1997. "Dont' get me wrong, I love rapping and freestyling' but there is a lot about being a "RAPPER" tha i just don't like. People have preconceived images about what a rapper "should be" and i ain't never been no typical person so for me to just "RAP" and thats it... it would never work out" A college graduate and high school salutatorian Sir Chuck is a new millineum game spitter whose motivation and thirst for G-A-M-E has catapulted him beyond what most people would expect from a "ghetto nigga""The new shit I'm on now is touching topics and subjects that no one else in the industry has touched on, Socio-Political realities that most people pass over and don't acknowledge. I'm bringing the viewpoints of a ghetto scholar into this game and it'll never be the same once i touch it" Definetely the major part of the Self-Made machine, Sir Chuck continues to hold it down and keep all the parts moving in unison.

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