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WHO:Ray Ro'
HOBBIES: Rhymin, "Ridin' and Smoking in my Bonnie"
ABOUT HIM: Hands down one of the most talented Indie rappers in the game. We look for Lil' Crockett to do make some major noise for Self-Made Records in the near future and bring that raw unpolished game to the mic. If he can stay out of trouble. Although his flows typically consist of sex, money and drugs Crockett is extremely versatile and creates indepth tales of survival on the streets of Urban America. "I'm just a product of my enviornment, maybe if thangs woulda been different for me and my family i woulda turned out different but i was raised how i was raised, so what you hear in my lyrics is what the world made me."When listening to Lil' Crockett you are bound to hear things about your life or the life of those close to you, simply put his vision is the reality for a lot of young people his age, and older. "I been around hustlers since I was young, real young, so for me hustlin' was the thang to do. I been taking care of my family since i can remember"

Although his talent is undeniable, the streets keep calling him and it appears that he can't help but to answer. Already three months into an apparent eight month bid (yes, he did get locked up again) Crockett's release in 2002 is expected to create a stir amongst the indie scene.


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