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Miss B. WHO:Mis-B-Havin
HOBBIES:Pursuing my Rap Career
ABOUT HER: Currently the only female on Self-Made Records Miss B. is definetely holding shit down for the ladies out there that grew up hard and have kicked a coupla' niggaz and bitches asses in their days growing up. "I used to be in that gang shit HEAVY, I mean bustin' at niggaz, cutting bitches wit' my straight razor and all that, I was real wild" After the loss of her closest friends to that same violence Miss B. put down her illegal weapons and picked up a much more lethal one, A PEN!"To each his own ya' know, I can't just tell somebody to stop bangin' or quit slangin' cause if that's all they know then that's all they know, I just want people to see that there is another way, NO MATTER WHAT PEOPLE TELL YOU" Although she always knew that she wanted to become a superstar, performing on stage, signing autographs and going to the studio she admits that she didn't know just how much work goes into being one "I've been into poetry and writing rhymes since I can remember but being a rapper is not all beats and rhymes,Shit that ain't even half of it, you have to be about your business or you won't make it."Right now Miss B. is in Florida straightening some things out with her folks but she remains a part of the Self-Made extended family. She is working on a lot of projects outside Self-Made and it is only a matter of time before she REALLY gets to shine.


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