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Interview with Suge

What's been going on with you?
Man All kinda shit been going on, ni&&az in the town been trippin, doing dumb shit. Police, News cameras at a ni&&as house cause we out here doing it and the HATERS' OH MY the HATERS' is working at a all time HIGH. But its all good Suge B. gon' stand strong regardless.

Can you tell the people out there a little more about this Street To Street Mix Tapes?
Street to Street was supposed to be released two years ago but it couldn't be put together at that time so it got postponed. I just wanted to bring some more raw shit to the table, that's what i'm here for i like that grimey street shit, so i wanted to put together a bunch of songs that was just that, I got some cuts for the ladies but this one, cause this just the first one, is gonna be real "late night riding high looking out" type shit. You get to see alot more of me and Big AL and alot of other talent that i been looking at.

How many are going to be released?
We're still discussing that but we'd like to do about three or four, maybe more it just depends on how successful they are. I know we gonna sell 'em and get them heard, we might decide to do something else and then come back to them i don't know but the first one is due out in January and we're gonna take it from there?

How Many Tracks?
I'm thinking like 20 and up

So is it gonna e available in stores it just gonna be "leaked"?
A few SELECT stores will be able to carry but were only taking orders, I want this money UPFRONT, so were going to hit a lot of colleges and smaller towns with this one.It'll also be available over the internet but i wanna get some shit out there in MP3 format so it can get circulated.

Besides this Street To Street is there a SUGE B. album in the works at all?
Eventually, Ima' get my time to shine and do my own thing but ima team player and whatever is best for the team then thats the role i gotta play. Whether ima star or not that don't matter, as long as i travel with the team then when we win i win. Point blank! Thats where you run into a lot of trouble at cause ni&&as by nature is impatient and wanting to be the focal point of everything but that ain't how this business works.That ain't how WE work, Everybody can't be the man at the same time. So when the time is right it will happen.

We hear that you are in charge of new talent, what type of talent is Self-Made Records looking for?
We are looking for a lot of "different" talent, like promoters and people to work retail and organize street teams in their cities and towns. We're constantly recruiting more and more dancers/actors and models for videos, concerts and other MEDIA related events that we do. Like Television shows and radio broadcasts.

So if someone is interested in getting involved with you how do they get at you?
Send us an e-mail or mail us pictures, a list of your past experiences, or a letter just explaining what it is your looking for and maybe we could work together.

One more and then I'll let you get out of here.
What do you want to say to all the fans and everybody else who might be reading this?
I just want all the people out there reading this to know that we put a lot of work into what we are doing and we are gonna continue to put even more work into making this thing happen. I speak for everybody on our Label when I say thanks for visiting the site and keep supporting us we gon' keep bringin' it to you. OneLove to Stubenville, GEO's, Everybody in the Tri-County area that has been supportive of us and all of our fans across the NET.
SELF MADE 4 LIFE!!! FUCK YA"LL HATERS!!!!we gon shine regardless

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