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Interview with Sir Chuck

What would you say your style is?
I got a style for everyday of the week, slow, fast, whatever the beat bring out. I used to be about just lyrics and rhyming but now I spit "GAME". Things that make a ni&&a think, nothing watered down, I still like spitting double and even triple meanings that you only get after like the umpteenth time you listen to the song, you might here me talk about some biddies, politics, just the realities of growing up in the hood and overcoming obstacles..

What do you like most about being in the music biz?
I like handling business, making deals and transactions. Ever since I was little I had a hustle, whether it was selling candy or pencils to the other people in school or taking out the neighbors trash for money, I just been about wheeling and dealing since I was a youngsta.

How did you start Self-Made Records, Inc.?
I hooked up with Moss in like '97' and we dropped GAMEDAY out of our own pockets, We was flat broke working part time jobs and we started from nothing. Just a one song single and just been learning about this game since then

How long have you been doing rap music/rapping?
I started rhyming at a young age but my first appearance on CD & Tape was Midwest Funk Vol. 1 in 1995 when i came with the "International Player", Shout out to Ratti Records and Owen Ratliff, so I'm very seasoned when it comes to being in the studio and making songs. I just dont' do it as much as I used to.

So You dont' like Rapping?
Oh, no dont' get me wrong I like to rhyme but as I got older my interests just expanded into other things, more business oriented things. I wanna eventually get into some short film directing and acting, Big Concert promotions, Me and Moss got a modeling agency that we're trying to get off the ground, there's Contract Negotiator, I wear alot of hats, A&R, Graphic Design, Promotions and Marketing Wiz, you name it...if it got to do with profit then I'm down with it. Rappin is still fun though.

What discs are you currently listening to?
Dirty, Chino Nino, Big Wheelies, Big MO "city of syrup" is nice, Lil' Flip, 2Pac of course and a lot of indie music, about 90% of the CD's I have are just independent underground cats, I do a lot of compare/contrast researching, keeping up with whats out there.

What is your opinion on other groups that are going by the name Self Made?
It's cool, cause we own the name "Self-Made" Records I ain't gon' hate and try to say this about em' and say that but I got my thang' right and everybody else need to check up on theirs before they just pick it up and start using it, cause you never know it just might be taken...GREAT MINDs think alike, So were not mad. Once we get our legal team together we can go after those that may interfere with our business practices but right now Ain't nobody got big enough to even sweat it all like that. BUT IF THEY DO....

Is Self-Made Records looking for any NEW talent?
We got Rappers, I can find rappers. What SMR is looking for is some RAP HUSTLERS that can hold us down in other cities. Pushing our product, getting us out to they friends and other people in they city. Making a Self-Made connect in thier area. I would rather reward a person who I can trust with my money, who works hard and shows honesty than just a person who "wants" to be one-dimensional.

What are your plans for this upcoming year?
I got it on my mind to be successful and prosper in this rap game so thats what im goingto do! I (We) gotta get these G's so we can start promoting to other areas and Soundscanning I wanna go on a mini-promo tour and just hit up as many cities as possible. So any labels out there that is doing they thing I encourage them to get in touch with us!!!

What would you tell others that are trying to start a "label" or want to become "rappers"?
Don't do it! Point Blank, cause you really ain't gon' make no money,(laughs) Sike naw, but for real the more you got to spend the more you can loose so if you wanna loose money just JUMP IN IT cause this thang is set up for you to fail so you gotta know what your doing, Just cause you seen somebody else do it don't mean that you can do it the same way. I can't give away to much game for free...

What is the rap scene like in Youngstown?
There ain't one really. Not like playaz is doing down in Texas or like in K-City where cats like Rich The Factor been laying it down for years. Ohio is coming up slowly, there are cities like Akron that are coming up, cats is doing they street promotins and getting there name out there, but as far as the HomeTown, We got a wayz to go. They (the people) don't understand the word "Independent Label" We just gotta break down more walls and create more opportunity. Overall it's cool cause we gon' shine regardless!

Just so the Fans out there know, What is going to be the next release from SELF-MADE RECORDS?
We working to put out some shit by Ray Ro' a.k.a. Ray Royal and then we got the Street to Street Mix Down that'll be circulating over the net. As long as they keep coming back to the website they'll know exactly what we doing.

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