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Interview with MistaMoss

First off, lets start with something that is on EVERYBODY's mind...a few people felt that some of your lyrics on the song "Self-Made Figgaz" were "anti-white" what do you say about that?
"It's weird because some of the coolest people i know and work with are "white". I NEVER meant for my words to be taken that way and people have been sending us e-mails and writing in with thier concerns over the lyrics "Staying three steps ahead cause my skin ain't white". I didn't say it as a put down. At the time I wrote it I realized that as a person of "color" AND from the inner city there are not as many opportunities available to me as there are to others so i must stay ahead of the game and compete on a high level at all times if i am to succeed. I wasn't saying "Oh, white people have it easy or Oh, if only i was white life wouldn't be so hard" I was just putting my struggles and the struggles of others out there. I meant nothing negative by it and to all those that i may have offended i am extremely apologetic"

I'm glad we straightened that out.
Self-Made has been fairly quiet, why the long wait?
"A lot has been going on in Youngstown and within the state of Ohio,a lot of changes and people doing there own thing. We've always played a very important role in the development of the independent music in our area and we just gave it some time to grow and develop some. We were somewhat ahead of ourselves when we stepped in the game back in 1997 so we needed some time to guage where everyone else is was and then get together what we were going to do"

So what is Self-Made going to do?
"Right now we are looking to re-arrange the game and turn it upside down on its head. Bring out talents and our company to the forefront, directly to the ears of the consumers. This next release will definetely put us in a category by ourselves"

You seem to feel pretty strongly about that?
"Those that have been around know, but if you weren't there when it started then welcome aboard cause' when you witness our next release it's going to be something special. WE PROMISE. This has really been in the making for five years. For five years we have been showing up here and doing this party and passing out this flyer and that flyer and just keeping our name out there, SELF-MADE, even if you don't know what it is you've either heard it or seen it somewhere in our city, and that is going to make a difference, no matter what anybody else is doing

So, What else is coming outta Youngstown?
"ummmmmm,Not a whole lot. There are a few groups/labels making some noise but nothing really big. 4EverHigh is out there making noise, Choppin Game and Forward entertainment, right now is doing a little bit here and there but SELF-MADE is gonna put it in writing and make some really strong ripples throughout the Tri-County area."

For those people who may not know, Where is YOungstown, OH?
" We are like 45 minutes outside of Akron, bout' an hour away from Cleveland and close to the Pennsylvania border. Wanna give a shout out to all them folks from that Tri-County area, Poland, Canfield, Boardman, Liberty, Campbell, Austintown, Warren, Girard, Niles, Hubbard, and everybody else in that 330."

Most people have probably never heard of those groups, that you mentioned?
"Yeah, but we are on a national platform here so I gotta show love."

So when is the next release going to be available to the people?
"Be on the look out for it in the fall. Definetley this FALL. Make sure that you keep coming back to the site for updates, downloads, store appearances, performances and other important information as we begin the promotional push into 2003."

Any Last words?
"I want to tell all the Rap Fans out there to make sure that your local record store is supporting Independent music, Ask them about it, Take the flyers to the store when you go, Ask questions and you'll get what you want. Read Murder Dog Magazine and keep an open mind and a fair attitude when it comes to this independent game."

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