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Interview with Lil' Crockett

What would you say your style is?
My shit is real, from the streets and just real. Raw, grimmy, I talk about what REAL ni&&as wanna hear.

What is your favorite song on the From Now...Until?
Ruthless man, it gotta be Ruthless. The hook is tight and I love how Moss switched it up on there, that shit was hard. And Fuck around get smoked is my other favorite cause It bang REAL HARD

What do you like most about being a Rapper?
The lifestyle basically cause the ni&&as respect you and the ladies love you. When I perform that "Fuck Around" the females be hype and everybody just be bobbing they head doing the Crockett man dance.

What is the Crockett Man Dance?
That's some shit I came up with like last summer, I got a song for it that I wanna make a video for so people can see it that shit is wild!!

Who are your favorite rappers/rap groups?
Tupac, Face,Willie D., Too Short, my ni&&A b-Real from the 400 block, E-40, C-BO, Lynch, , anybody that talk shit that I can feel,Wayne, Juvie, B.G., Geto Boys, ME....I like sweet beats. .

How did you hook up with Self-Made Records?
met up with Sir Chuck and MistaMoss back in 1997 i was young bout' 15 i think and I just spit some shit for them like 3 straight songs that i had written and they was like cool, we'll come and pick you up later. They came and got me later on that week and asked me to freestyle to some beats that they had, I did and they was loving it so then got me in the studio on the "From Now...Until"

I heard that you might be changing your mane What's up with that?
I still go by K-9 but I heard that there is a rapper that is supposed to be coming out on Death Row Records with the same name so we just started using the Lil' Crockett again. I like Crockett better anyway because that's my real last name, that's me, ain't nothing made up or stage show about it.

Word on the Net was that you was locked up, what was that about?
Some ol'bullshitin' pussy ass police tried to get me for a couple but i got out that shit fast, I only did like twon months, I had the highest paid lawyers in the city.

What are your plans now that your on the streets?
Make these ni&&as respect ME!!(stands up)Just drop the hottest lyrics that anybody has ever heard, I got so much shit built up in me that i need to get off my chest, bout these b-i-t-c-h-es, these hoes, just eveything i got some new shit thats gon blow a ni&&as mind when I lay it over them Self Made Beats.

Are you serious about being a rapper or what?
Hell yeah I'm serious bout this shit, I mean I ain't really eating off this shit right now so a ni&&a got other ways to get paper but we in the beginning stages and I am confident that its gon' happen eventually but until then I gotsta get mine, you feel me!.

What do you want the fans to know about you?
That they will never hear anything come out my mouth that ain't real. If I ain't done it or been there when it was done, I ain't gonna talk about it. PERIOD. I'm from the streets you know it's like I'm part of a dying breed of Real Ni&&as, that spit shit for the streets and thats as far as it go, fuck radio and going major if it mean I gotta sacrifice my rawness and keeping shit real for my ni&&as. Fuck that man if its gon' be like that then I can't do it.

What is it like being on Self-Made Records?
Oh, its cool as hell cause they keep it real with me and don't be trying to feed me no bullshit like a lotta these so called "LABELS" out here. SELF-MADE is the future man, I thought I told ya......

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