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Meghan's House!

Things for you to make sure you do while your here!!!


Here are Hellos to all of my friends!
The Stuffz Page!
If you are easily amused, go here!
Someone said my house needed a kitchen-so here it is!
This is my guest room, if you want a bunk, leave a message on the message board
This is the living room!
This is my room!
The NEW! Sports Page!!
The message board! (it's very empty!)


NEW--The Purple Room!!

Visit the Purple Room!
NBA Players....
Whose the best forward/center?

Current Results




NEW! Pages made...Go visit them!!

Visit the Bright Green Room!!

Visit the Orange Room!!

Visit The Black Room!!

Visit the Green Room!!

Visit the Yellow/Green Room!!

Visit the Pink Room!!

Visit the Blue Room!!

If Anyone want their own color room..send me a survey w/ color at the top that's different from all above colors..and if I have your surveys, sorry!! I'm trying!! Thanks..E-mail the surveys to! Thanks!

6/4/00--I made a new page!! Be proud of me!! GO THERE!! It's the Sports Page..Link located BELOW! Have some fun!! Please sign the guestbook!! later..


My Room is Now a page dedicated to Austin Croshere, my fave b-ball player!! Visit it, please!!


3/26/00 4:52 pm- I'm finally updating!! Be proud! All bunks are now get one while there available! I'm going make a basketball page, and a friends page, and an about me page..I'll try to update my stuffz page, too..this may take a while..but be patient!!! Keep comin' back and SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!! Thanks!! Love you guys! -Meghan

01/29/00-9:30 pm--Wow!! Man-o-man!! It's been like, almost a year, honestly since I've updated and I am SO sorry!! I'm not sure that anyone even comes here anymore, but geez! Okay. When I first made this page..I thought that it was the greatest thing in the entire world..and I've changed a bit since then and I'm thinking of deleting this page. If you think that I should keep it..e-mail me...but I don't know..It kinda makes me look like a nut, now that I look at it..and I dunno..So anyhow!! I love you all for coming here..and I'm gonna try my hardest to update more often..and NOW! I'm gonna update my Room and my Hello's page, I think. If I have time, I want to make a special page for my friends, too! Okay!! enough is enough! I love you guys!! Bye!!