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Water Quench Fire

"The pages of my book aren't finished yet.The ink is red/wet/dripping in the margins.I close the book but the words still come out and people still read my story"

I am now offering three collections of poetry. The first is entitled Water Quench Fire . The collection contains 24 pieces spanning the last three years and offers a good cross section of my work and allows readers to experience the ups and downs and spirals both upward and downward that I have experienced through my writing.

The second collection of poetry is entitled The Soul Alphabet and How I Speak It. The chapbook contains 14 pieces over the last year offering a view into the current state of the world, my life and my future.

The third in the series will be available in January 2004 and is titled The Grafitti Inside Me. Keep checking back for further details.

Each collection is $10.00 each or are available for $15.00 as a set. Please feel free to contact me at, Pay Pal or send payment directly to me at:
Athena Dixon
945 South Street
Alliance, Ohio 44601
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