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These few folks have been invited into the inner realm of my world and now it is time that they are properly introduced:

First and foremost I want to give special thanks and love to my family close and extended: My parents, my sister, my godsister, my godmother, granparents, aunts and uncles and family friends.

Tazwell-You are the most beautiful person I have ever met.I am constantly in awe of you.I sometimes have to make sure you are real.Matrix moment huh?I love you immensely as more than a boyfriend but as my best friend.I love you very much

Next up are my offline friends:
Kahlilah-I love you more than u will ever know Kwan.You are my rock, my best friend and one of the few who truly understands the craziness that is Athena

Chris(Whats up Chrissyfur?I am very proud of you.Good luck with all of your interests.)

Iklhas(Thanks for being there through thick and thin.I am glad to have a new friend.Long live the COOL RELAX CLIQUE!! Any more road trips?)

URBAN Poetic Shouts-I love you talented bunch of people to death!.Whats up to the crew thats gonna take over the world---->Empress, Father Time, Stream,INFAMOUS, AMOON, Poetisa,Trinity,Queen of Spades,Sherykah,Kwegan and Jasriff(I am still a groupie) and all other seekers of the Flame.