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Train(Trane) blowing against saxaphone tears
dark city night
past midnight
before dawn
amber steet lamps
circular in fashion
cast ancient hued light
upon moisture pooled asphalt
shattered silence
rumble of car
break monotany of sleepless eve
broken lamp throws little light
too many thoughts to slumber
sycopated jazz beats to lull darkness
clear mind impossible
train whistle repeats
where headed?
surface memories of home
locamotive ran daily there
modern lullaby for modern child
jumbled thoughts
fragmented images
too fast to write
mind to full to stop
wail in heart
muted trumpet mood
indigo starlight artificial
blurred vision
sleep lack of/spectacles on stand
welcome exhaustion
not to be found
few hours to waking
boundless energy
hidden by day
captured in twilight
isolation of self
unwelcome awakeness
forced rest
morning begged to come

Love:An Abstract
prosperity of emotion
catharsis of a passion unreleased
hit with force of lightening strike
unadultarated feeling oh adreniline
nessecary for survival
yet not necessarily the fittest
drug habit without the chemical
12 step programs even strong souls resist
withdrawl symptoms evident
libations of tears
water seeds for future
tilling difficult soil for splash of a garden
no Eden but enough to partake of
ultimate glory in this war
POWS never released
a lucky few find civilized captors
while others bear the marks of turbulents terms
proudly displaying battle scars
searching for the fresh wound
no intentions to let it heal
let it bleed,expand and overcome all defenses
ride the waves of akward emotions
offering no resistance to the tide
drown in the aqua waters of submission
no longer breathing the oxygen tinted independence...

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