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Over the last year or so, I have been "in" quite a few music projects. None of them have worked out very well. Hell, we never practiced! But, we may have some potential now. There are several reasons behind that. One, there are only 3 of us. Two, we are no longer trying to play a certain style; we're making noise, with some structure. Finally, we can do this, we will do this, and we are doing this!

I guess some general information about us may help. Our ages range from 17-21. There are only three of us; Myself(Chris), Weasel(Wes), and Jeremy. We've all got jobs, so time has been a large factor in us taking so long to get started. We all live in the same small town in Cincinnati, OH, called Madeira. (Remember-it is still very soon in the band's formation, so the information for now is very little).

We will be taking pictures-of practices, recording time, and, if we ever do, live shows. We will be trying to get some recorded shit onto the page so you can listen to some of it.

Wes Chris Jeremy