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The Meaning Of Life/My theories and opinions

Some people think the meaning of life is to lead a good one, and go to heaven. Others believe that they must search for it. I have done my own searching and have found my own view of the meaning, or the point, as it were, to life. It is as follows...

The way I see it, there is no point to anything. Suppose you are goodat something. You harness that skill and use it to make money. You live happily with that money. You grow old; you die. What have you accomplished? Maybe you were famous, maybe you gave yourself a good name. But what does that do? It is of no use to you once you are dead. And even when you're alive it doesn't do much good.¹ "It helps make life fun, or even easier." Well then, what good does that do? Whether life is easy or hard; good or bad; short or long; it serves no purpose.

You're born. You go to grade school to prepare for high school. You go to high school to prepare for college. You go to college to prepare for work. You go get a job; something you do endlessly for 30+ years and then you retire, you grow older, and you die. What has come of your life? Nothing.

Some people live for honor. Some live for freedom. Some die for these same reasons, among others. But it does nothing. There is no point to any of it.

Pain and suffering makes lives miserable. Oh well. That doesn't matter either. Soon they'll be bead and won't feel a thing. If you live a pain free life, it's going to end the same way as a painful life.

Those people that live and die for principles live and die for nothing. It may mean something to them, but in the end, it does nothing for you. Those people were told, when they were young and impressionable, that they need to live honestly, and respectfuly, and believe in god, and don't sin because you want to go to heaven. You don't want to go to hell.

How can we go to heaven or hell? Once we die, we decompose. We don't have souls or spirits that go to places. Where would those places be? Heaven and hell are what we make them. And even when we do, it's pointless to do so. Because they do not exist.

People go by what the bible says and by what is right by the word of god. What if the bible said Jesus came to Earth on a UFO. Everyone would believe it because it would be what the bible says. As illogical of an idea it is, it's true. People would believe it, no matter what it said. As irrational as it seems now, we would believe it if that was what the bible orriginaly said.

There is no god. There is no devil. It is "necessary" to create them to keep order and sanity in our society. But what purpose does that order and sanity(if there is such a thing) serve? Suppose the world was orderless and "insane." It would end for each person the exact same way as it would it there was order and there was sanity. It would end in death. Either way, it ends the same - without a point. With no purpose served.

On the note of "sanity..." Suppose a man, we'll call him Fred, starts talking to someone that doesn't really exist. No one else can see him. Fred has no proof that the other person exists. So, we, as a society, classify him as "crazy." Yet, people designate days to gether in masses to talk to a person for whom there is no proof of existence. The bible says god is real. But, again, that's what the bible says. If the bible said that god was a two headed, three legged, hermaphrodite, everyone would believe that. Only because the bible says it is so. Just because the bible says something is so, doesn't make it so.

Suppose there is a god, and a devil, and a heaven and a hell. What purpose would it serve to go to heaven? Why would it be bad to go to hell? Heaven serves no purpose, and it wouldn't be "bad" to go to hell. People would respond, "You can enjoy everything that heaven has to offer, and experience all of the suffering that hell has to offer. For what? And, if there was a god, and there was a devil, they would probably be working together anyway. "God" send those who are sinnful to hell. Just because god sends those people to hell, the devil is supposed to accpet them? If god and the devil are such opposites, then the devil would reject god's rejects only because god doesn't want them either. "The devil just wants to cause harm, pain, and suffering." And what's the point? What would he get out of it. Entertainment? Enjoyment? He supposedly doesn't experience those things. So, it would have to be a bad feeling. Hatred. Anger. Despair. Or wait, the devil is uncapable of feeling.

People say that because of the life I lead (pointless as it is), I'm going to hell. I can't very well go to a place I don't believe in, can I? And, what's the point in believing anything? None. That's my point....I'm making a point about how there is no point. Irony....

Principles and emotions were developed to make life easier to understand. What if the people who wrote the bible only did so because they understand things as I do. They wrote it and made up the stories to get people to keep on living. But why would they want people to keep on living? They understood. They found out that there is no point. So, they invented one to make people happy. But, it is pointless to be happy. All it does is disguise the reality, disguise the truth; that there is no point. People say they do things for religion or principles, because they are afraid, and cannot handle the truth. But what's the point in understanding the truth? Once again, for the principle of conquering their fear - that there actually is no point to life. But they aren't conquering their fears; they're rationalizing, trying to hide the truth. Trying to make it seem that they are doing the right thing, because, in their minds, they need to do the right thing. They must. That is what they have been brought up to believe - they should do the right thing. Suppose someone does the right thing. It doesn't accomplish anything. Suppose that person had done the wrong thing. Will their life end any differently? The style in which it ends may be different, but either way, it ends. They die. Nothing has been acheived.

People grow, and learn, and live on their own. But they do it for a reason. A reason that, in the end, has no point. It may have a point for that person, or other people, but, in the big picture, there is no point. Just like life. There is no point to life, and, thus, no importance.

With no importance to life, there is also no meaning. So, with all said and done, the meaning of life is that there is no meaning to life.

Well, it's been a while(STAIND, MAN!) and I've decided to kinda update this section. I don't really feal like going through and reading all of it, so I'll just at my new thoughts.

I'm not really sure where to start. A lot has changed since the last time. I'm no longer the evil, seemingly-satanic, negative loser I was when I wrote all of the above. I still believe most of it, however. It's just that things have been different and I, well, I'm different now.

Now that I'm a legal adult, a lot of things are getting to me. I'm sick and fucking tired of the restrictions. I don't mean to just bitch and bitch, but I guess this is my place to vent, so if you don't wanna hear it GET THE FUCK AWAY!!!!! hee hee!! Anyway, for a long time now, my life has been restricted. I keep getting into trouble and getting grounded. Other than that, my parents have kept me sheltered most of my life. When I turned 16, things got a little better cause I could drive. But they still kept the chains tight. Now, I'm 18 and have gotten into trouble with the law. I'm going to be restricted, once again, until I'm about 20. Yeah, it all beats being a felon, but nonetheless, I'm fucking tired of being held back. I still see things as I wrote earlier, as being no point to anything. But, I just want to be able to live! I understand the viewable hypocrisy in my sayings, but that's okay-I under stand; you don't have to. I just want to be able to go out and live, by my own rules. I know it's the typical teenager-wants-out-of-the-house-routine, but it's what I want. My parents are constantly on my ass about stupid shit and they don't realize that they're driving me to want to move out sooner and sooner.

Due to recent events, I've been told that I'm much nicer and more pleasant to be around. I'm a changed guy.

I've run out of thoughts for now, I'll try to update sooner!

¹"good" in the meaning of a purpose. If something is "good" it serves a purpose.
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