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My Jennifer Aniston Page

The Jennifer Aniston file: Born February 11, 1969 in Sherman Oaks, CA. Raised in New York. Currently resides in Los Angeles. Greek. Her father is John Aniston of "Days of Our Lives". Her godfather is Telly Savalas. Has a golden shepherd named Katchina. In addition to being an actress, she is also an artist. Her projects include charcoal drawings, clay sculptures, and paintings. First acted at age 11 in the drama club at the Rudolf Steiner School in New York. Also at age 11, had a painting selected for display in the New York Metropolitan Museum. Graduated the High School for the Performing Arts in New York in 1987 Hobbies include biking, camping, and getting closer to nature. Watches "E.R.", "Mad About You", and "Seinfeld". Describes herself as curious, caring, and fun. Filmography. [Internet Movie Database - Mississippi St.]
The Rachel Karen Green file: Waitress at Central Perk coffee house. Left fiancÚ Barry on the altar. Shares an apartment with Monica. Chandler and Joey live acrosss the hall. Went to Lincoln High School with Ross and Monica, where she thought of Ross as "Monica's geeky older brother".
"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Wednesday, June 7, 1995: Jay is telling the folks who's going to be on tonight, and decides to see if Jennifer is in her dressing room. Her picture is piped out from there. JL: Jennifer! JA: Yes? JL: Jennifer! Hi, it's Jay. JA: Hi Jay. JL: Do you remember when we were talking earlier. Didn't you say that Warren Littlefield, the president of our network ... was he, like, tipsy? Was he drinking? Did he hit on you at some function? JA: Um, you know, Jay, your taking advantage of a vulnerable moment here. I told you that in confidence. JL: That's what he thought, too, I imagine.... Did he make you, like, a promise or something? JA: He did! He made me a promise. But I really ... I don't want to talk about that now. JL: Will you talk about it when you come out here?... Was it like overt? JA: Maybe. Maybe. It was very ... it was pretty overt. Yes, I will talk about it a liiiiittle bit. [indicates with her fingers] JL: All right. All right. Good. You'll see. We'll call him up. We'll nail him on this. JA: Oh, God!. End shot of Jennifer in her dressing room. JL: Well, what happened was, you know they have these little get togethers with the stars of the show to meet with the ... with the sle--, um, with the network executives, and apparently.... Well we'll see, we'll find out.... In from commercial, Jay introduces Jennifer. JL: My first guest, one of the stars of the hit series "Friends", which is seen Thursdays on NBC. Well, this is kinda like a huge deal here. Anyway, well let's find out what happened with her and Warren and the presents and see what ... if he touched her, if he touched her. Please welcome Jennifer Aniston, ladies and gentleman. Jennifer comes on stage to the tune of "I'll Be There for You". JL: O.K., congradulations on the huge hit and all that stuff. O.K. now, tell me what happened. JA: God! You know, you made it sound all sexual. JL: It wasn't sexual. JA: NO! JL: What did he do? Did he, did he promise you something? Did he.... JA: He did. He was ... it was an evening of celebrating. JL: Now where were you, in a ... in a restaurant or something, or what? JA: We were in a restaurant, and he threw a big party for all of the shows being picked up for the fall season. And, you know ... and it was sort of the end of the night and blah, blah, blah, and, you know. He said ... he asked me about my house 'cause I just bought a house, and said "What do you need?" I said, "Well," kidding, I said, "I need a washer and dryer." So he said "All right." and he wrote me, ya know, this little thing I happen to have here. JL: Is it a cocktail napkin that he wrote it on? JA: [fishing through her purse] This is so rediculous. I can't believe this. [pulls out the napkin] O.K. Here we go. JL: It says... JA: What does that say? JL: [reads napkin] "I owe you one GE washer/dryer." That's it?... Now, how long ago was this? JA: That was about, um, mid-May. Mid-May. JL: Mid-May, and you haven't heard from him? JA: I haven't heard from him. And you're a big guy. You know what I thought? I thought, Jay, you're a big power--, big big big powerful man at NBC. JL: Yeah, but you told me this other thing, is this true, did he give Kelsey Grammar a car? JA: YEAH! JL: What kind of car did he give him? JA: He bought him a car! I don't know! Some big, flashy car! JL: I got this crappy crystal ashtray for my birthday. JA: Did you really? JL: I'm here every night. Kelsey's on once a week. He got a car! JA: Right, like you need another car. JL: What, I don't even smoke! I don't need the ashtray.... Wait, let's call him up. JA: Oh, you're not.... JL: Yes, yes, yes. We'll call him up.... [plays with the telephone] Voice on the phone: Warren Littlefield's office. JL: Oh, hi, this is Jay over at the show.... uh, Jay Leno, Jay Leno. Is Warren there, could I speak to him? Voice: How are you, Jay? He's in a meeting. JL: Well, we're on the air now. This is, like, real important. This is live television. Well, you get his ass OUT of that meeting! [Warren Littlefield, president of NBC Entertainment, picks up the phone.] JL: Hello, Warren? WL: Jay! JL: Hey, listen, boss. I'm sittin' here with Jennifer Aniston. She's in tears. [Jennifer is laughing] Jennifer Aniston. WL: Jay, are you on the show now? JL: Yes, we're live, we're taping right now. WL: Oh, God. JL: She said at a party you were, uh, maybe had a few drinks, you.... JA: I didn't want to say anything. JL: You wrote on a cocktail napkin, "I will buy you one GE washer/dryer." WL: That's impossible. I wouldn't have done that, Jay. JA: Hey, now listen. What does that say to you? JL: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Hang on. Jennifer. Jennifer. JA: What? What? JL: He touched you, didn't he? JA: Oh, I'm not goin' there! JL: Well this could be a big problem.... No, she saw it. You wrote it right here. It is your handwriting. WL: Jay, what are you doing to me? JL: We need a washer/dryer. WL: Jay, I'm your friend! JL: Get a washer/dryer. You have that stupid warehouse full of all that GE stuff right down the lot. Bring her a washer dryer, like it's a game show. Will you bring one over? WL: Bring ... Jennifer Aniston ... a washer/dryer. Now? JL: Before the end of the show. WL: Whoa. JAY! JL: You have thirty minutes, pal. WL: Jay, what are ya doin' to me? JL: I've got a show to do. Goodbye. I've gotta go. Goodbye. Talk to ya later. Goodbye. Goodbye. [hangs up the phone] JA: See, that's power. JL: Yeah, but this is stuff that's easy. I don't get promised anything. Your show is like a huge ... Is it fun? Are you enjoying this? I mean you guys are really on the cover of everything. [holds up Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone with the "Friends" on the cover] JA: Oh my God, look at that! Wow, you know, see 'em all in one pile, though, seems like so much. JL: No, they're all here. I mean, that's, that's pretty ... pretty impressive. JA: Yeah! It's really exciting. JL: Are you having a good time with it? JA: Oh, the best. The best time. They're wonderful. Everybody's great and everybody wants the dish on who hates who and nobody hates who, noone's having affairs with anybody. JL: Matthew Perry was here. You had that one scene on the show where he walks in and you're in the shower, in this is sorta like a nude scene, and he told me that ... actually, what he told me was he kept doing the scene over and over again so they could, sort of, catch you. JA: You know, it's funny, because Matthew never scr-- ... messes up, he never messes up, ever, ever, ever! And all of a sudden this one day he just slowed down a little bit. I don't know what was goin' on and maybe that's why. Interesting. Hmm. JL: So, now, is this one of these things, were you wearing a body suit or were you naked for the shot? JA: Jay, my mother is here. I told her one thing. I cannot tell you the truth. JL: Oh, I see. JA: Let's leave it all up to the imagination. JL: Oh, O.K., so it was probably ... probably naked. JA: We were ... we were covered. It was a closed set. JL: Are you watching the NBA finals? Did you follow this basketball stuff? Are you a fan? JA: Oh, dear. JL: Did you ever play, like in high school? JA: Uh, yeah, uh, I have horrible memories of basketball. JL: Really? JA: When I was ... I went to this school, the Rudolf Steiner School, and we.... JL: The Rudolf Steiner School. JA: The Rudolf Steiner School. JL: That's a pretty tought team. JA: Yah! Oh, yah! And I was on the volleyball team and the softball team and then I wanted to be on the basketball team and I ... they wouldn't ever let me play. I was never a starter. Is that what they call it? JL: Yeah, you just sat on the bench? JA: I was always on the bench. JL: Yeah, if you don't know what they call it that's a pretty good reason.... Excuse me, I'd like to play, what do you call it?... JA: What's that called? Second base? JL: So you just sat on the bench the whole season? JA: No, no, no. Actually, one time, Vicky, who was the big beautiful senior girl who was always, like, the head of the team, got ... was unable to.... JL: What was that, dribbling? I'm not sure what that was? JA: That's a dribble! JL: There you go! JA: So, she was unable to play in the middle of the game. I don't remember what happened, and they said O.K., you're on, go! So, oh my God! I get to go! I had never played. So I run out and I barely make it past that little red line that, you know, tells you it's a court, and I tripped and I sprained my ankle in front of everybody. Oh, there was this guy I had a crush on and everybody. Oh my big moment was ... so, yeah, I have a very ... I have a sore spot for basketball. But I did learn some tricks. A friends of mine taught me some tricks and stuff. JL: Is that why we have this basketball here? JA: Is that why you have a basketball? JL: I don't know, they said you could palm a basketball but you don't look like you could. JA: No, it was spinning it on the tip of my finger. JL: You can do that? JA: Let's see. [she tries unsuccessfully] See how good I am? JL: Can you do this? JA: All right. No, I don't ... I don't remember. I know it's not sideways, right? Ya gotta hold your hand up. JL: No, ya gotta hold it straight up. JA: You hold your hand up, right. JL: Don't break your leg again. JA: [still can't get it] I don't remember.... Can I bring a ... I actually brought my friend, if I could... JL: You have a friend? JA: Well, the guy that taught me how to do this. Could I just bring him out here? Would you mind? JL: Not at all. JA: I'll be right back. Jennifer goes off stage and comes back with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. JA: How ya doin'? KA: Good. JA: O.K., you gotta refresh my memory on this. JL: Can you show her what you learned. KA: I can't do that. I only told her I could do that so I could stare into her lovely green eyes, that was it.... There's a method to my madness. JL: But you can palm it. KA: Absolutely. She can palm this one. [hands Jennifer another basketball] JL: Go ahead, palm it. JA: [she can't palm it] Hey, hey. You gotta be quick. KA: That's been specially treated so you can palm it. JA: I can't though. JL: That's close enough. Jennifer Aniston, folks. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Out to commercial. PGA golfer Peter Jacobson is Jay's next guest. He spins the ball on his finger, showing up Jennifer. As they're going off the air, Jennifer's washer/dryer arrive.
That's about it. If you have any questions for Jennifer, E-Mail them to me & I'll Forward them to her. Oh, & don't forget to sign my guestbook.

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