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James F. Trumm
2236 Orchard Road
Toledo, Ohio 43606
Fax 419-531-0231
Phone 419-531-0234


Occupation Duties Employers
Lawyer Specialized in civil litigation. James F. Trumm, Attorney At Law
Teacher Taught courses in Litigation, Constitutional Law, Medico/Legal Ethics, Legal Research, Criminal Law and Evidence. Newbury College, Brookline, Massachusetts
Fisher College, Boston, Massachusetts
Academic Administrator Administered interdisciplinary graduate study program in Institutional Theory & History Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio
Bookstore Clerk I do everything the job title implies.... Thackeray's Books, Toledo, Ohio
Freelance Writer Op-eds and book reviews published by The Boston Herald and The Toledo Blade. Publisher of Insouciance Web 'Zine. Grant-writing for Bowling Green State University and Masterworks Chorale. Brief-writing for several attorneys in civil matters.

Thomas Pynchon
Sherlock Holmes
Richard Feynman
William Tecumseh Sherman
Richard Nixon

Current/Recent Projects
Building a trebuchet catapault with my twin sons.
Riding a 150-mile bicycle fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis.

Computer, E-mail and WWW Skills
Web Pages Written and Maintained
Insouciance Web 'Zine

Institutional Theory & History Program at Bowling Green State University

E-mail Lists Administered (LISTPROC)

Applications and Operating Systems
Windows 95
Microsoft Word
Corel Word Perfect
Claris Works
Adobe Pagemaker
Microsoft PowerPoint
Netscape Navigator
Microsoft Explorer
Claris Home Page
Telnet (Pine)
FTP (Fetch; FTP32)

Formal Education
Institution Course of Study Degree
Harvard University Extension
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Courses in International Relations; Law, Policy & Society
Northeastern University School of Law
Boston, Massachusetts
Standard law school program, augmented by internships with the U.S. Attorney's Office (Public Corruption Unit), Legal Services Institute (Housing Unit)and firms practicing labor law and civil litigation. J.D., 1985
Colby College
Waterville, Maine
Majored in Philosophy, with extensive courses in English. Senior project was on the philosophical influences on Franz Kafka. A.B., 1982
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Miscellaneous summer school courses.
University of Toledo
Toledo, Ohio
Miscellaneous summer school courses.
Ottawa Hills High School
Toledo, Ohio
College preparatory study. Was National Merit Scholar, and was awarded scholarship by Owens-Illinios, Inc. Diploma, 1977