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Some people say the matrix and astral space are similar in one important way. It is a place, another reality if you will, where only certain people can go. Magicians.. with astral perception can go into astral space. Deckers with a datajack can go into the fake world of the matrix. But, they are very different other than that simple point. Other than the dangers, of course. But, in the matrix, the dangers are all from technology. Mostly from other deckers, there to stop whatever you are trying to do, or ice.. decker slang for intrusion countermeasures. Ice comes in many different forms, from the most simple asking for a passcode, to black ice, designed to kill a decker. Yes, literally kill, without a reset button.. its game over, lights out, forever. That is part of the thrill for us deck-heads, yes.. a old term, but it stll applies. If you are wondering how I can be a mage and a decker at the same time, well.. its simple. I lost a bit of my magic power when I had a datajack implanted, and raised it back up thanks to becomming a Initiate. Though, one thing that I can never get rid of are horrible headaches.. after being in the matrix for so long. Its true what they say, magic and the matrix are alien to each other. Its like trying to mix oil and water, it just won't work.

I suppose for those of you that are greener than freshly rained upon grass, I'll explain a simple matrix run. First, of course.. you have to have a datajack.. and a decent cyberdeck. Forget about it, if you have a computer with a keyboard. Can I say slowpoke enough? A speedy deck will save your hoop more times than you can count. Of course you have to have some really good programs to help you about in this fake world. Anyways, if you have the jack.. and the deck, thats one point in your favor. Now you need the skill, don't ever go into the matrix if you aren't sure of yourself. Skills are a must as well. Its good to have computer theory as well as a grasping of computers, and how the matrix works. If thats all square, you should be ready. First.. start wtih a SAN ( standard access node ), if you pass through that, and most of them don't have any ice waiting for you there. Unless you are trying to deck into a very paranoid corp. Once past the SAN, travel down the dataline until you come to the LTG ( Local Telecommunications Grid ) or a PLTG ( Private Telecommunications Grid ). From there you can enter various amounts of hosts, that house different computer databases. Once inside one, you have passed a varied amount of ice probably. Now, to do what you came for. If you want to upload, I suggest going to a SPU ( Sub Processing Unit ), or a CPU ( Central Processing Unit ), depending on what your task is. Usually datastores are past the CPU, sometimes.. if the data isn't that important it will be stuck behind a SPU. Thats basically, how a simple matrix operation happens. But every run is different so don't use my words for a global model. Of course I left out all the various different kinds of ice that you'll encounter. Better that you learn that on your own, if you want to become an experience matrix jocky.

Every well known decker takes the time to design what his appearance will look like in the matrix, and what his programs will look like in the matrix. Icons are everywhere, best to learn which icon is what... or you'll get slagged easily. My.. matrix persona, basically what you look like in the matrix.. for many years was that of a rotting corpse. I was known, ( and still am ) as Ghost in the machine. Why that name.. you might be wondering? Well, it has to do with my uncanny ability to blend in with matrix systems via use of my cyberdeck, and a sleaze program. Hey, take it from somebody that knows.. its best to just get past the ice without being noticed. Thats a lot easier in the long run. I've made a name for myself in the matrix community, I'm not afraid to say. But, it has also gotten me a varried amount of attention. From wanna be deckers looking for the hottest ice cracker, or some punk that has something to prove out of the matrix. Getting back to what I was saying, the visual representation of what things look like in the matrix. For example, my old matrix persona was a rotting corpse as I said, and my attack program.. was activated when I grabed a pair of visible ribs from my chest. Those turned into bone hilts of a katana. My most used attack program, and probably the most powerful. When my eyes glowed red.. in that old persona thats when I was using a analyze program. If my body started to look more normal, the body of the persona that is... it was my armor program going into effect. But now, I look like how I do.. outside of the matrix. Perhaps a bold or stupid move, but I had gained a rep.. as the corpse.. and I needed a change so I wouldn't turn over every alarm when I was decking into the public systems, with little or no ice. I could probably go on for days, if not years.. about the matrix, but for now.. I'll stop here. Live and learn, and survive the horrors in the matrix. Its the only way to continue on for another day, if you plan to spend a lot of time... in that computer generated world...

Logon to (NA/UCAS-SEA) PLTG 1634 to send Ghost a message.

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