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Where to start in the vast realm of magics? Some people follow the Shamanistic traditions, where as others such as myself find Hermetics more interesting. Yes, perhaps I am a bit of a nerd, a bookworm, even a scientist by some standards. But its how I do things, I'm a mage. My life every aspect of it has some touch of magic in it. Usually, elemental magics... some of them more than the basic known elements. Such as, Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Spirit. I've found.. in astral quests to the higher metaplanes, that other sub-domains, if you will exist off of each major element. For example, and since I'm a combat mage, from fire.. springs forth the nuclear energies of the sun. From Earth.. springs forth grass and dirt, as other elements. From the Air comes lightening and storms, from water comes fog and mist. I'm not sure if any other magician before myself has seen these other places. Some would argue that magic is different for every person who has that gift. I'm pretty sure thats how it actually is. To each their own, this is a perfect example of such things.

I suppose I'll mention a thing or two about my various elemental spirits now. They are a major source of study, if not aid and help for a mage such as myself. I have developed a way of using my fire elementals energy to propel me through the air. The principle is very simple, its all about thrust. The same that some jet engines produce, but without the use of air. This unique ability I have gained, no.. created for myself.. gives me the ability to fly for about twenty-five seconds. I have developed a few other abilities through my other elementals. Via the Air type.. I can land on the ground from great heights. Via my water elemental if I have to cross a large body of water I seem to surf over its surface upon my boots, but.. I'm being propelled by the physical manifestation of my water elemental. Mages, or any magicians for that matter should look for new and unique ways to apply their magics. You never know when such brilliant ideas may save your butt.

I'll end this bit of information that I'm passing onto your budding mages with some destructive spells that I've personally designed. One in particular, a favorite of mine.. very hard to counteract nomatter what race you are. It mixes the elemental force of the moonlight, its burning quality.. with that of lightening, its uncanny ability to effect certain internal organs that we all have. Such as the brain and heart. Others are quite simple and only use one element. They might expand a certain element, such as grass for cover, or dirt to be thrust into somebodys eyes as you make your escape. Sand is a particularly rough element, it can be used to create a sandstorm, or an abrasive effect that literally wears down skin and flesh to the bone. I've even have learned how to bend beams of lights that you may see peeking through a window, or up above from the trees in a dense forest. Thats more or less at a entertainment stage at the moment. But perhaps I can excelerate the heat within those beams of sunlight and cause them to burn multiple targets at once by bending this way and that. I think thats enough for now, remember this. Never be limited to how you've been tought the art of magic. Always reach for something greater, but make sure its within your limit.. and that you don't pay the price that I did.

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