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Name: Alenjondro Hadrin... -aka- Ghost in the machine.

Race: Metahuman: Elven

Home: My cabin, in the past and future... and anywhwere I wander to on the higher planes of existance...

Age: 429

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 215 lbs

Hair Color: Blonde...

Eye Color: Piercing blue..

Skin Color: Tanned skin...

General Attire: Usually black street leathers. Armored of course, but still... fashionable. Black leather boots, and several holsters for various weapons under my jacket....

Weapons: My primary weapon magic, being an Elemental Chaos Mage. Others include, bladed weapons, and various guns...

Magic: I am a mage, I follow the way of hermetics. Reason, logic, sicence and math are the basics of my magics. More specificaly... I have learned how to warp, and bend the elements to my will. Even dust is a element, as is the moonlight. Not many would think to use such things, or even consider them elements... but... I know the old ways of my elven heritage.

Background:: I am a Child of Mana. An elf that has certain extraordinary properties. We have a very slight resistance to magic. We can move like the wind, seeming to move so fast that our physical appearance blurs. It is said that our existance was brought about.. because of certain energy. That energy being mana. But.. for us, it gives.. certain benefits, and a few drawbacks. Every.. 200 years or so ( I seem to go though it ever 50 ).. we face a difficult time. One that I have called, the madness. Perhaps its.. to balance out the other unique things about us. We tend to burn energy rather quickly, and thus need to tap into the elements to recharge. I'm empathic, it tends to effect our actions in good and bad ways. I can draw from the power of my emotions, but it also clouds my mind. Children of Mana age.. at a rate slower than any elven kind. A year to us, is still a year, but.. the effects ouwardly, and internaly.. barely change. Thats why, we always hold our youthful appearance.

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