Fantasy, Castles, Dragons, & Myths
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Fantasy, Castles, Dragons, & Myths


********************************************************************************************************** Welcome to fantasy castles. This sight was not only fun to do but informative for me as well. I enjoy anything that has to do with fantasy, castles or dragons. In doing some of my searches I have come to be newly informed on some things. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This first one is called Grey Castle and is very nice. The next castle almost appears to be like a dream castle. It is called Castle Longtown. I have had many wonderful castle pictures that I had taken the time to gather, but in the past due to less memory they would not fit. I am now happy to present this castle page with many more castles for your viewing pleasure.I have been collecting these castles for some time, and in reality they are from all over the world actually. Some of these castles come from Ireland, Sweeden, Scotland, and of course England. This is Carreg. If some of the names don't seem correct it is because they are abbreviated.As you scroll through my castle immages I hope you have some time on your hands. This page is now coming full force and is packed with lots of things to see and read.

My favorite topic is the dragon. The dragon is a beast that has been in the books as legend or superstition for a long time. For what would there be in fantasy without the creatures that go with fantasy. ********************************************************************************
Done by: A person better known as "Cooshee" on Yahoo chat. Cooshee hopes you have enjoyed your visit and indeed is happy you came.

********************************************************************************************************** ********************************************************************************************************** Updated:August 13, 1998

The full moon has passed now, and although somehow I usually editing on the full moon I am back again for more updates. Cooshee does some of her best work on the nights of full moon.