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Marching French Horn??????

I've long thought that you could place all of these odd marching versions of the horn into either the Mellophone or Mellophonium categories, but I don't think this one fit's into either. It's interesting looking. Looks like a Mellophone configured for marching. This thing must be hell to balance, and I cannot imagine it plays very well. Email me if you have additional info on this horn, or have played one.
UPDATE 9/21/99 I had a guy email me that bought one of these on EBAY. It was manufactured in Japan by an instrument manufacturer called 'Jupiter'. He said he cannot figure out what key it is in, but he thinks it is Bb. His has a screw bell and fits in a flat case.
UPDATE 4/3/00 I saw another one for sale on EBAY that is made by Holton, and is in Bb. Also has a screw bell and a flat case.