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So you want to buy a tenor horn?????

What kind of tenor horn YOU need really depends on what type of playing you intend to do. Are you just looking to fill the french horn spot in your local church group or community band.....are you joining a new brass band......or are you SERIOUS about playing in an established British Brass Band where you'll actually have to play IN TUNE!!!
For what it's worth, here are my thoughts........

Entry Level

If you are looking to buy your first tenor horn, what you buy is dependant upon what you are going to be playing. Are you going to march with it? Cover the french horn part in local community group? Or are you buying your FIRST tenor horn to play in the local brass band? If your just getting started on the tenor horn and don't want to make a huge investement, here are some suggestions.

Used horns.........
Check out EBAY for all the used tenors you'd ever want to buy.

Entry level New Horns.........

The Jupiter Tenor Horn

The Amati Tenor Horn

Intermediate and professional Horns. The best horns for a true British Style Brass Band.
More expensive, but you get what you pay for.

The Yamaha Tenor horn....Good intonation, centered pitch, reasonable cost. Popular with the NABBA bands is the US.

The Besson Tenor Horn, student model.

My Personal Pick.....

I play the Besson Sovereign Tenor horn. I've added a third valve trigger to mine for those low D's.