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The Cardinal Chorale Homepage!!!

The Chorale is a select ensemble of the 200-voice All-Ohio Youth Choir. Members are chosen by audition from returning veterans of the Youth Choir. Since its inception in 1995, the Chorale has delighted audiences each day of the Ohio State Fair and has sung by invitation for a number of state conferences and conventions, the 1996 rededication of the Statehouse, and the inauguration of Governor Taft.

In 1997 and 1998, the Cardinal Chorale sang for the Professional Conferences of the Ohio Music Education Association, and the group has been invited to perform for the 1999 summer conference of the Ohio Choral Directors Association at Cleveland State University.

In addition to spreading their musical joy on the campuses of Capital University, Muskingum and Marietta Colleges, the Chorale delighted audiences in England, Wales and France on a 1998 summer concert tour.

List of 1998 Chorale Members
The Dynamic Duo!!!
Chorale Members Throughout the Years!!!
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