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                                             in our quest for

                                         knowledge we have

                                      forgotten one basic fact.

                                   Earth is our clock the Moon

                            +                                                    - -

                               our calendar the Sun is our orbit. 

                            Possibly the alignment of the planets

                        was our century.  These orbs are intimate

                       to our existence more than life itself.  Their

                      forces upon us are separate of each other yet

              + +                                                                            -

                   intertwined in several manners.  The connection

                to each of them is not clearly shown as to how they

              relate of each other.  Since the Universe always moves

            how can we be exact.  For aeons man has made different

           assumptions on how one is associated with another.  Even

    +Fe+                                              *                                          +Se+

             with our measurements that are so precise are we sure

               that the correlation is correct.  Apparently not since  

                   different cultures view the same occurrences in  

                    several ways.  Yet how can that be we are one

                      of this Earth.  Different in appearance & the

                    -                                                                     + +

                          same inside.  Maybe the answer is how

                            we perceive a day.  Can experiences

                               happen while not being included

                                into the timeframe of previous

                                  events.  Are we sure that our

                              - -                                             +

                                       concept of time always

                                           moves at the same

                                              pacing or have

                                                we made an 

                                                     error ?