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Welcome to the Official Blaine Wilson Homepage!

Welcome to this, the first and official Blaine Wilson page on the net! Blaine is a 1996 Olympian, and the best American, male or female at the 1997 World Championships in Lausanne (10th place). He is the 1996, 1997, AND 1998 Senior Men's National All-Around Champion! Here, you will receive inside information as to what Blaine is doing. He has authorized this page, and will be involved in it. Please enjoy this page and visit it often, as this page will be updated frequently! All questions and comments are welcome by sending me e-mail. And don't forget to sign the guestbook! Enjoy! Don't forget to visit USA Gymnastics On-Line if you'd like to learn even more about Blaine! Visit USA Gymnastics 
Online! This page was last updated on: August 21, 1998! Check out the results! Congratulations to Blaine on winning his third consecutive National All-Around title. The first "three-peat" in 20 years!!! Disclaimer: I am NOT Blaine Wilson. I am the webmaster of this page, and although I do get updates from him every few months or so, it is best that you get him to answer all your questions via the snail mail address posted on this page. As far as I know, Blaine does not have an e-mail addresss or the internet, but any questions or comments about the page can be e-mailed to my address. IPStat
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