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There is no guarantee as to if all sites posted are accurate. Please inform me of any updates on any of the posted sites. If you unsure whether to use any site, make sure that you have permission.

(Aug. 28, 1999) All Forest Service campgrounds are free. They supply picnic benches, firewood, & clean outhouses. They may be hard to find, but each district office has large scale maps of its area. Many are not suitable for large rigs, however, some forest service camp sites in B.C. are not free anymore. They are called improved sites. You have to pay an annual fee of $27. Then you pay $5 for each night. If you don't have an annual pass, contributor thinks the fee is doubled.


(Jan, 98) Small park with space for 8 to 10 rigs. Water. Dump station nearby. East on Hart Hwy.


(Jan, 98) Greenwood B.C. has a free city campground Add Addresses handles about 24 units water, shelter,dumping station ,near shopping ,public pool


(Nov, 99) Not all forestry sights are free. The goverment took them over and charges $9.00 cdn. One great site is Jordan river which is east of Sook on the westcoast of Vancouver Island. The campground is run by a local logging company. Campground is direct on beach and has great sunsets. To get ther leave Victoria on Hyw #1, turn on Colwood exit and go to Sook and beyond. You can't miss it.


(Jan, 98) Rutherford Mall has RV free overnight parking, dump station and fresh water.


(Jan, 98) Free dumping site with flush water and domestic water: From hwy 97 northbound, turn left to 15th Avenue. At intersection of 15th Avenue and Ospika Blvd, turn left to Ospika. You should see a soccer field on your right. The next street is 18th Avenue with traffic lights. Turn right to 18th Avenue. You should see the dump station 50 feet away on the right hand side. Opposite the dump station, there is a huge parking lot for the PG exhibition ground. Some RV's park overnight there.


(Jan, 98) Free RV parking in Maple Park Shopping Center, 3 miles South of Quesnel on Hwy-97. Sani-dump by Burns Lake Rotary Club on corner Railway Ave. West. and Francois Lake Dr.


(Jan. 99) The Whistler ski area base have parking lots one through four. Lot four can be used for free overnight parking. There are no hookups available. One very important note: you must move your RV from one side of lot four to the other side every day or they will wake you up at 3AM and make you move so they can plow that side of the lot.


Please send me your boondocking sites for British Columbia for me to post.