Feedback 6:

(green type is mine)


"I think its great! I was sitting at my desk tonight thinking to myself that this is another shitty christmas. I was online but going nowhere. I deceided to look up bah humbug, and sure as shit, there you were. I started reading some of the sayings and I had to laugh. It really hit home. Thank You. Have yet another rotten christmas!"

-from "Renee"

Well alright! You're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Now, back in the day, when I tried to find some funny "bah humbug" type sites, I found jack shit! So I spent 25 years making this web site, so that the younger generation wouldn't have to suffer as I did:)


"HI, IM FROM BASQUE COUNTRY (SPAIN). My condolences for you. Cuba has said that this year xtmas is holiday. Another place lost."

-from ?

I really just don't understand. But thanks for your comments!


"now i know someone hate this damn holoday as i do!!! the fuck with christmas!!!"

-from "Raphael" website:


"hail you fuck xmas it should be optional. It should not be shoved down our throats from Nov. 1 on. I'm so fucking sick of xmas music I want to throw up any time I hear any. Just because it's xmas doesn't mean we can automatically be happy. Everybody thinks that's how it is, but it's not. It makes me mad. My xmas is sucking complete dick! scary xmas"

-from "Dani"

Any time an e-mail begins with "Hail you" I know I'm gonna like it.


"meery unchrsitmas, bastard. great page. a new song for you: "It's the highest suicide rate of the year" It's the highest suicide rate, of the year there'll be plenting of stabbings and people are gabbing about blood from his ear it's the highest suicide rate of the year There'll be lonely men shooting and people be rooting though garbage cans out in the snow But i'll just be drinking, while people are thinking to grandmothers house we'll all go or "merry cristmas , god is dead" jingle bells, god is dead, fa la la la la . . . glad to see someone else as miserable as i am.

-from "Tony"

Uh, thanks! I love the way this one begins. The ending's pretty amusing too, and the song's not that bad itself.


"I hate all the festivity"

-from "John"

The subject line for this one was "All the world will hate festivity".