Feedback 5:

(green type is mine)


"Thinking back to my teen hood and rememebring a Christmas where my dad convinced us we didn't need to spend anytime with friends or relatives, and bickered with my mom at the table when we were having dinner and remembering screaming at him for ruining everything and what a jerk he was and throowing food. What a mess. Luckily I don't have to spend any more holidays with that self centered rigid and unforgiving man. Yuk!"

-from "Wendy"


"I am a Christian, and I never write "XMAS". I love Christmas because of what it represents for me, the birth of Christ. You are so right about the commercialism. I like the decorations, and the music, but it starts way too soon. In my house, we decorate a few days before. We don't buy a lot of presents, but have a good time making USEFUL presents for other people. You don't have to be a part of the commercialism. If it is bothering you, it is because you choose to allow it to bother you. Choose to not be annoyed and you will be much happier this time of year. You'd also be much happier if you would let Jesus into your life."

-from "Laurie"

Well as for me LETTING it bother me, we are effected by things, we SHOULD feel in response. And personally, I'm not bothered by the fact that I'm bothered by this season. As for Jesus, thanks for your concern, but you don't know anything about my experiences or views with/on that, and I'm not going to go into it.


"As of this writing you have only one story. Gee, maybe people really DO like Christmas after all! I've already said a prayer for your, so maybe next year will be better for you."

-from "Laurie" (same one)


"It may interest you to know that Christmas' origins aren't even Christian. It's my understanding, after considerable research, (though I don't claim to be an expert), that Christmas stems from a pagan holiday, often referred to as the "Saturnalia," which is, in short, a winter festival involving idol worship of the sun-god. If you have some time and want to read more about it you can go to . It talks about "Santa Claus," the Christmas or Advent wreath, mistle-toe, exchanging gifts, etc. I think it's very thorough. Who knows? Maybe you'll start to understand why you feel the way you do about Christmas."

-from ?

The last sentence of this one cracks me up.


"Very intersting page. I, too, am fed up with Christmas commercialism, as it saps the holiday of its true meaning, adds much stress, and has made it less fun for me as I get older (I'm 19). You may find the origin of the term "X-mas" rather interesting. As you know, the early Christians suffered decades, even centuries of persecution. Everything they did was kept secret and underground. Even the use of the word "Christmas" had to be concealed, so they came up with "X-mas" to use as a secret code (see, the "X" is for the cross Jesus died on). If you can disprove me on this, I invite you to, as I'd hate to think I was spreading inaccruate information. But, as you and your many "back-feeders" have noted, modern commercialism has embraced it for catchier, flashier ads and ruined it for everyone. I swear, if Jesus wasn't the embodiment of love, he'd come back right now and whup some major ass for trashing his birthday the way we have. I wonder what he'll do on Judgement Day. Hmmmm..."

-from Eric Eggers

Sounds like an interesting theory, but I have no idea one way or the other if it's true.