Feedback 4:

(and if it's in green, you know I put it there, baby)


"I hate christmas it sucks.....bad man GREED GREED I hate greed...I hate christmas too.It comes in Novembert I hate x-mas Nothing to do with Jesus..........I think it sucks bad to. Lot of bull shit.sorry bout my laung... but I relly love no helping outhers....just pure bull...... man getting rich... fools doing with out.........same old song ....make me sick....I hate love no helping others... only greed and what did you get for me .....come on ... give me a break..... sorry i about drink but Ill say yes Im drinking but Ill be welll tomoring .... but your christmas still sucks and allways will from now on ... yes I hate christmas with a pash....more people kill themself this time of year........did you know man this is one that I have no part off. When I check out it will be this time of the year......Maybe.....ha ha heee hee who relly cares ........bye love it was nice"

-from "Larry"

Yes, yes, I want more e-mail like this! GET GOOFY! Get it right. So Larry....did you writeThis? Probably not, but the similarities are amusing....Hmmm....did you get my URL from that X Files humor page, Larry? Does THIS look familiar????? HUH? Don't make me hurt you, son.


"christmas rocks, christmas is cool. why don't belive in christmas. were your parent's too poor to buy you christmas presents why didn't they go on welfare

you suck,


-from "Ballls"

Finally, my first piece of hate mail! Well, unless you count the one by that "Lindsey" person. S/he pissed me off. But anyway: I want more hate mail, and c'mon, make it better than this!(please, no "this is why you're wrong" letters. I'm talking about the funny stuff, like "you dickweed. you chose the wrong holiday to fuck with. SO YOU BETTER WATH OUT NOWI will cum to your house and kill yo." Stuff like that.(I wrote that example). I don't care if you mean it or not, just send it to me.


"You, sir scare the heck out of me!! But I must admit your 'demented carols' are very funny. I guess we are absolute opposites because I hate Halloween. No offense man. Remember, I'm not shunning you because you hate the "most wonderful time of the year!" I just came to this site to yell at you for hating Christmas but I don't want to do that anymore. Most websites scream how they hate Christmas without giving a legitamate reason. You almost made me start hating Christmas. ALMOST! That's pretty good. You almost converted a Christmas worshipper. I'm sure you will make a lot of Christmas haters very happy! keep up the good work. Merry Non-Christmas!"

-no name! C'MON!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. But don't let me "convert" you (unless you want to be "converted"). If you love something, don't let anyone take that away from you(is it obvious that I'm bitter?). I'm just delivering things from my perspective on this here page.


"Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. Christmas in Australia is even more horrible for a pagan because it is celebrated at the wrong time of year. I've got mid-summer down for next week. Christians think that they are universal when they don't really work in even one hemisphere. Have you noticed that the only month that you can be sure to hear a little kid screaming/crying in public is December. Everytime I hear it I am reminded of Christmas. I would be happy to join in Christmas were it not for the little children crying, the horrible tinny music, the fake trees/dead trees and the tacky decor... Finally, how to go insane at Christmas (suitable for a warm climate only): strip naked, cover yourself in katchep/tomato sauce and whipped cream and shout "ho ho ho". Thankyou and my best regards,"

-from "Mark S. Holsworth"

Actually, I can be sure to hear a screaming/crying kid in public any month, all I have to do is pinch them really hard. No, just making a really bad joke. (I do not abuse children or advocate the abuse of children, I swear to God).

Also, just so everyone knows, I am not a Christian basher or anti-Christian.