Feedback 1:

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"so explosively funny that I nearly died on the spot, I laughed so damn much. My fave parts of the site included "Mangled Christmas Songs From Yesteryear" and "Wacko Things to do to Survive the Days of Horror."

-From "Christie"

I really like this one. "so explosively funny....." It sounds like something you'd read on a video box, and I like that in this instance.


"Your Xmas page is HYSTERICAL."

"I am definately going to fling myself around my house and jump up and down on my stuff in my house wearing a Turtleneck and no pants. (something that makes me laugh you said!)"

-from "Nanny Goat"

I contacted this one and asked her if she'd really done this, and she said that indeed she had. ALRIGHT!


"Here's the reason that Christmas is sometimes written X-mas. I think I'll just quote from the entry I found in the _American Heritage Dictionary_.

Xmas (krIs'm@s, Eks'm@s) n. _Informal_. Christmas. [< _X_, the Greek letter chi, abbr. of _Khristos_, Christ.] _Usage_: The abbreviation _Xmas_ has been used for hundreds of years. In modern use it is considered informal and appropriate only in such commercial contexts as advertisements and signs.

So there you have it. I don't care for spelling it Xmas much myself. It seems like a further example of the distance that commercialism puts beween the holiday's celebration and us. _Pronouncing_ it "EXmas" makes it even worse. This does not logically have to be, but that's how it seems to me. The use itself isn't really horrible, but it's context tends to be so forced, pushy, desperate, and dull that the spelling takes on that nuance. And to some people, like you (and me, but not to such an enterprising level, obviously), even the regular term Christmas, and the fifth or fourth of the year its season swallows, becomes distasteful as a result of the mercenary ambience of the whole thing. Pity."

-from "Kevin"

Ok, so now I know....although...not really....but thanks.


"Just a thought for next year to make the season a little brighter..... Fruitcake...not that nasty store bought brick. But a real homemade, southern fruitcake. If you are interested, you need to make it now so it will be ready for next year. A true southern fruitcake takes a full year before it is at its best for consumption. The trick is to start with a good recipe. Make two loaves. Then, every week, for a full year, you soak the fruitcake.:):):) One in rum (for the light weights) the other in bourbon! Remember, you can't do this with a storebought version, you have to start from scratch! At least it gives you something to look forward to!"

-from "Renee"

At last! A purpose! Something to bring my life joy! Fruitcake....that takes a year to make.... I'll get right on it, as soon as I finish with my "Work On It Every Day For 5 Years Chocolate Easter Bunny":) But thanks for the suggestion.