Give it a text!

Hello. Now in this part, you get to look at this here picture, (which will change, one day), and come up with a text to go along with it. What is the little elf(also seen, with my text, in recipies) with the big candy cain thinking about? What is his mission? Where is he coming from? Or simply add a commentary about him. Does seeing things like this everywhere irritate you? Send me anything, I don't care how lame/stupid it is. Contributions are posted right below this image.

Things people have sent me so far:


"Yessiree, a little food coloring, some rubber gloves, a mould and all that reindeer crap is taken care of!"


"hehehe lets see that fat, jolly bastard get THIS out of his ass! Sure it's not as big as the raindeer antler, but it's got a HOOK! yeah, I'll teach that fat sonofabitch to trap a bunch of elves at the north pole, and work em for slave labor! hehehehe He just THOUGHT it was annoying when he couldn't find the keys to the excutive washroom, when he ate those exlax brownies we made for him.. wait 'till he wakes up with THIS thing sticking out of his ass.. he'll never be able to get a good night's sleep again!"


"Why did Misses Clause want this Candy Cane? And why did she want it tonight,while Santa is away? And what kind of Movie is " Studs in Chains"and why does she not want to be disturbed after I bring this,and what is a G-spot?"

***************************************************************************** "I'm gonna kill santa with this candy Pole!!!!!!"


"...humie, hum, mum, d'is big one's gona make d' misses so happy! hummy hum hum..." In a mumly, mumbles voice.


"This is just what I need to feed the nine hundred and ninety eight elf kids back of the rainbow!"


From Sanity Dentists, "Just what I need, bigger, better, sweeter treats for all the goody-goody kids so I can buy my new Benz!" This has got to be therapeutic in some weird wonderful way!