Recipies for X-Mas Cheer

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*Fruit Cake*

1 bottle of rum

15 Twinkies

1 cup Trail Mix

Blend all ingredients thoroughly. Eat it.

Serves 1.

*X-Mas Main Course*

1 box corn flakes

1 can jelled cranberry sauce

2 tsp. salt

4 pkgs. firm tofu

1 pkg. frozen corn

1/2 cup olive oil.

Mix everything except oil. Fry in oil. When it burns, it's done. Presto!

Serves 3.

LLOOOOOOK, it's one of Satan's little friends!

Look at his face! He's thinking about how GOOD these recipies are!....then again, maybe he's thinking about how he's going to use that candy cain.

*Christmas Stuffing*

10 cups (popped)popcorn

1 cup instant soup

Two tablespoons Tabasco

Pinch of oregano

Heat all igredients in large pot. Stuff it in.

Serves 2.

*Christmas Pudding*

1/2 cup rum

10 vanilla pudding cups

1 can cherry pie filling

4 twinkies

Mix and enjoy. serves 2.