The Finest Links Available Anywhere

And in this section, I've decided to put up links to some humorous spots on the 'net that I like.

Worst Candy Site by a couple of guys who buy really nasty candy you've probably never heard of, then describe their taste-testing experiences.

X Files Time Wasting Page -Small but very enjoyable.

Commercials I Hate -Hate commercials? Go here. Funny and satisfying!

Bad Teen Angst Poetry -Real poetry, real bad, real funny. (Actually, I thought some of it was pretty good).

Real Mis-translations -"It takes a tough man to make a chicken aroused".

Dear Trent -This is a page of moronically funny e-mails sent by people who mistakenly thought this fellow was Trent Reznor.

The Quote Book -This is a collection of really strange quotes taken from real conversations and written in a notebook. There's alot of great ones, but I think my favorite is: "Ha ha! The stalker killed me!"

Worst MoviesDandy reviews of loathed movies.

LIVE SEX CAM! -Shows live footage of orgies from around the world everyday.