Welcome to the feedback area! This is where I post the stuff people have had to say, about various things, after viewing this site. These are not my words, except for what is in GREEN. Anything in GREEN is MINE....it's MIIIIINNNEEE!....WAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Uh, moving on...The opinions expressed in the feedback I've recieved do NOT necessarily reflect my own!

Some more about this section: I may or may not post feedback. I may or may not comment on feedback. I may or may not edit feedback. I may do or not do something now, then change it later. The point here is that I will do whatever the hell I want.

Since the feedback section was getting kind of big (yea!), I have broken it up into multiple pages. The titles on each link are ones that *I* have given to the feedbacks contained within that link. Got that? Good. Now read on. Please.

Feedback 1 contains:[1]"Explosivly funny!" [2] "I took your advice!" [3] "X-mas sovled(?)" [4] "How to make a fruitcake in just 1 year!"

Feedback 2 contains: [1]"I hate commercials and I hate Christmas" [2] "Concern" [3] "Wishing to be Jewish" [4] "Sadistic coworker"

Feedback 3 contains: [1]"Green paste on the sidewalk" [2] "Tough times" [3] "Great page....loser" [4] "Jimmy Dean 1" [5] "Jimmy Dean 2"

Feedback 4 contains: [1] "......did you know that?" [2] "X-mas rocks, you suck" [3] "You almost converted me!" [4] "Christmas in Australia sucks too"

Feedback 5 contains: [1] "Bad memories" [2] "Let Jesus In" [3] "People Like Christmas" [4] "Help you understand" [5] "Maybe THIS is the truth about X-mas!"

Feedback 6 contains: [1] "Sure as shit" [2] "Undecipherable from Cuba" [3] "Fuck it!" [4] "Hail you, fuck Christmas" [5] "Meery unchrsitmas, bastard" [6] "The festivity must die"

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