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Jews Around Cleveland USY


USY is full of many life changing experiences for Jewish teenagers. It incorporates spirituality, and fun into these teens lives.

It is a distinctively Jewish group composed exclusively of Jewish youth as its primary purpose is to serve as a place where Jewish youth can meet.

It is an organization / club that regardless of its religious orientation, is dedicated to the perpetuation of the Jewish people.

It is a well organized group which is supervised by qualified professionals who work together with lay leadership and the parents of the members.

It is a group which has well planned ongoing activities that reflect the varied interests of the membership.

It is a group which reflects and adheres to the standards, philosophy and objectives of its local/national parent organization.

It is dedicated to developing the leadership potential of each member.

It is a group that fosters comradeship and encourages its members to work together for a common purpose.

It is a program that effectively supplements the individual's Jewish education and develops his/her understanding and appreciation for Jewish history, traditions and the State of Israel.

It is regardless of religious orientation, committed to the endurance of the Jewish Values of G'miliut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness) and Tzorchai Tzzibur (recognition of the individual's responsibility to the community).

It is the kind of program about which parents and the community feel confident; will have a positive influence on our young people; is molding the future leaders of the Jewish community; and is helping to ensure the continuity of our community and our heritage.

Our Youth Department is affiliated with the Department of Youth activities of United Synagogue of America. Our sister chapters on all levels are to be found throughout the United States and Canada. The youth group presents numerous opportunities for informal Jewish education. Many individuals team best in an informal environment Through the mediums of discussion movies, guest speakers. drama, cooking, arts and crafts. Community service, and shared Jewish experiences many youths have been motivated toward increased Jewish education identity and involvement.