BAMdux's Tribute to John Singleton Mosby "The Gray Ghost of the Confederacy"
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BAMdux's Tribute to John Singleton Mosby
"The Gray Ghost of the Confederacy"

Mosby's Grave in Warrenton, Virginia

The greatest, guerrilla cavalier of the Civil War and arguably of all time was a man who before 1861 had had no formal military training what so ever. He would learn in four years of war to become a masterful tactician, inspirational leader, and one hell of a soldier. Mosby turned the odds on larger and better equipped forces countless times. Riding his favorite thoroughbred "Croquette," he would appear from nowhere to attack the enemy and then disappear with the wind like a Gray Ghost. Feared by the entire Army of the Potomac and Yankee population, Mosby and his unit(the 43rd Battalion of Va. Cav.) wreaked more havoc single handedly than any other unit during the war. Mosby's military exploits were chiefly responsible for prolonging the war another year and supplying the ANV(Army of Northern Virgina) with much needed intelligence and supplies.

John Singleton Mosby

Mosby in early 1865

BAMdux's Mosby reading suggestions include Ranger Mosby by V.C. Jones and Mosby's Rangers by Jeffery D. Wert. Also try Mosby's Rangers by James J. Williamson(it is a book in the Time Life Collector's Library of the Civil War Series.)


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