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Muster Roll for the 115th Ohio Volunteer Infantry- Company K

"May the names of these men be etched on the scrolls of honor and valor for eternity."

Some of the names below could be slightly inaccurate do to the translation and the poor handwriting on the original manuscript. A few remarks are also appended to the soldiers name if the roll provided them.

And now it is my great honor to present to you the Muster Roll for the 3 year enlistment of Captain William Ramsey's, Company K of the One Hundred Fifteenth Regiment O.V.I., United States Army, Colonel Jackson A. Lucy, from the thirty first day of December, 1862, when last mustered, to the twenty eighth day of February, 1863 and the pay roll of the company, for the same time period. The men were paid again on April 20, 1863. The paymaster was either Major Ballard or Reese and the US Paymaster was David McCook(I am assuming this is the officer who sent the money to Ballard and Reese to pay the men). The men were paid a total of 26 dollars for each two month period of service.

When stationed at Lexington Barracks Ky. on February 28, 1863 this assessment was made of the command:

Discipline- Good

Instruction- Good for the opportunity

Military appearance- Good

Arms- Civilian rifles Poor Class

Accoutrements- Good

Clothing- Good Condition

All men enrolled in the unit at either Massilon or Hanover, Ohio on individual dates under either Campbell or Ramsey(save Captain Ramsey who enrolled August 5th under Captain Dodd at Columbus and Noah Bushong who enrolled at Dennison at an unknown date under Lt. Campbell.)For all the individual dates of enrollment feel free to contact me.

All men were mustered into service at Massilon on September 18th 1862 by A. E. Drake.(save Robert Hagar and Noah Bushong who were mustered in at Maysville, Kentucky on October 3rd by Colonel J.A. Lucy.)

Both Lt. Thompson and Lt. Campbell had servants, and Campbell's servants name was John Gable.


1. William Ramsey


1. A. W. Thompson---1st Lt.

2. I. H. Campbell---2nd Lt.


1. Hugh McCugh---1st Sgt.

2. Taylor Temple---2nd Sgt.

3. William Lendesmith(unlegible)---3rd Sgt.

4. Geo. W. Kull---4th Sgt. Promoted from 8th Corporal December 1st

5. William Ickes---5th Sgt.


1. Josiah R. Earnest---1st Corporal

2. Cyrus J. McCurrley---2nd Corporal

3. Jno. W. Dearer---3rd Corporal

4. Joseph Smeltz---4th Corporal

5. William Smith---5th Corporal

6. Edward Shindler---6th Corporal Promoted from the ranks January 1st

7. Augustus Schoulder---7th Corporal

8. David Andrews---8th Corporal Promoted from the ranks January 1st


1. Jno. Everhart

2. Anthony Rish


1. John McNulty


1. Jas. L. Anderson

2. John K. Burt

3. Ferdinand Bolan

4. I. J. Brown

5. Samuel Brown

6. John Brown

7. Daniel Burt

8. George H. Bailie

9. Jno. Bender

10. Caleb Blifs

11. Noah Bushong---AWOL

12. Marvier(unlegible) Bendeler

13. Emanuel Custar

14. Joseph Crubaugh

15. A. Chamberlain

16. Bernard Dolan

17. Joseph Divil

18. John Donnelly

19. Elias Emmons

20. John Endly

21. Austin Endly

22. Cyramus(unlegible) Eicher(unlegible)

23. Jame Fines---In hospital at Camp Dennison

24. Thos. R. Fife

25. Wm. Gamble

26. John Gallatin

27. Alphaus Gran

28. Thos. J. Heckathorn

29. Thomas Herbert

30. Charles Hastings

31. Robert Hager---AWOL

32. Henry James

33. Robt. W. Johnson

34. Kay K. Kemble

35. David Kelly

36. Albert Knipper

37. Jas. W. Laughlin

38. Samuel J. Lecron

39. Jos. B. Lewis

40. Alex Milligan

41. Fredrick Molt

42. Don R. Milbourn(unlegible)

43. Silas Moore

44. Will S. McGuvenrr(unlegible)

45. John Miller

46. John Martin---Deserted

47. Oliver Franklin

48. Wm. Oswall

49. John Quinso

50. Samuel Rhodes

51. David Reeder

52. Alex Rutledge

53. Wm. Rhrodes

54. Patrick Rafferty

55. Richard Rhodes

56. Alva Richmond

57. Joseph Roose

58. John Stambaugh

59. Alcinus Sivaney

60. Marian Sinclair

61. Mathias Stephas

62. Wm. Stewart---In hospital at Camp Chase and not receiving pay

63. George Sultner

64. Jos. Shick

65. Rayal E. Sargeant

66. Levi Seaman

67. David Shanebrook---AWOL

68. Edward H. Scholder

69. Wm. H. Schaffer

70. (entire name unlegible)

71. Wm. R. Todd

From Frederick H. Dyer's Compendium

Organized at Camp Massillon, Ohio, and mustered in September 18, 1862. Moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, September 27. Assigned to duty by detachments as Provost Guard and guarding Forts, Arsenals, Store Houses and Magazines at Camps Chase, Dennison, Ohio, Maysville, Covington and Newport, Ky., and Cincinnati, Ohio, till October, 1863. Ordered to Chattanooga, Tenn., October 23, 1863; thence to Murfreesboro, Tenn. Attached to Post of Murfreesboro, Tenn., Dept. of the Cumberland, to January, 1864. 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 12th Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland, to April, 1864. Unassigned, 4th Division, 20th Army Corps, Army of the Cumberland, to July, 1864. 1st Brigade, Defences of Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad, Dept. of the Cumberland, to March, 1865. 1st Brigade, 1st Sub-District, District of Middle Tennessee, Dept. of the Cumberland, to June, 1865.

SERVICE.--Duty at Murfreesboro, Tenn., and along line of the Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad, in Block Houses and at Bridges till June, 1865. Regiment was specially selected for this arduous duty because of the great number of skilled mechanics and artisans in its ranks. Skirmishes at Cripple Creek, Woodbury Pike, May 25, 1864 (Detachment). Smyrna August 31, 1864. Block House No. 4 August 31, 1864. Company "B" captured by Wheeler. Block House No. 5 (Co. "B"). Block House No. 2, on Mill Creek, Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad, December 2-3. Block House No. 1 December 3 (Detachment). Block House No. 3 December 3 (Detachment). Block House No. 4 December 4 (Detachment). Block House No. 7 December 4 (Detachment). Siege of Murfreesboro December 5-12. "The Cedars" December 5-7. Lavergne December 8. Duty along Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad from Nashville to Tullahoma, Tenn., till June, 1865. Mustered out June 23, 1865.

Regiment lost during Service 1 Officer and 8 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 4 Officers and 138 Enlisted men by disease. Total 151.