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We Must Never Forget Our Past or Who We Are!

                        Iisaiah 19:25 Whom the LORD of hosts shall bless, saying, Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel mine inheritance.


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The Anunnaki is an ancient Sumerian
term which was given to the beings who came down to earth and pro-created (BARA) homo sapien. Anunnaki translates as "those who Anu sent from heaven to earth." They were also called Nephilim
meaning "To fall down to Earth, to land" or ELOHEEM in the bible meaning "These Beings". In ashuric/syriac (arabic) they are called Jabaariyn meaning "the mighty ones" and in Aramic (hebrew) Gibborim meaning "The Mighty or Majestic ones." They are also called NETERU which is an Egyptian
term for Anunnaki. They are an elite race of beings who came from the 8th planet RIZQ in the 19th Galaxy ILLYUWN. They travel through this galaxy by way of a planet ship namedNibiru :
The Mother ship. Nibiru was originally on a 25,920 year orbit called AAMS which was the distance from RIZQ to the planet Earth. Since the Anunnaki relocated to ORION it would now take them 3,600 years to travel to earth. This new orbit is called a SHAR.


The Anunnaki
were sent out on a mission to find different minerals; gold , plutonium, uranium, etc. They mined several planets in our solar systems including Mars (Lahmu) and Earth (Tiamat). 900 of these Anunnaki were involved in the gold mission. 600 in all came to earth in groups of 50's in small passenger crafts called SHAM. and the rest, 300, the IGIGI stayed in and manned the craft MURDOQ or Nibiru also called MERKABAH. The Anunnaki were acting as intermediaries between earth and Nibiru. They stayed in Earth's orbit because they were to deliver the process gold to the spaceships that would be stored on the dark side of Sheshqi (the moon) and Lahmu (mars). This is where they constructed and loaded 30 mile long cylinder shaped crafts and transported gold and other resources back to their home planet RIZQ.


The Sumerians
were the first to record the presence of the Anunnaqi. These Anunnaki or Rizqians gave them advanced information on the creation of the solar system and all the planets in and out of this solar system. They also taught them how to build great cities
build great cities, farming and how to build craft that fly in air. They had information about the solar system that scientist today are only now beginning to figure out. The ancient Sumerians also had records of Primative beings "lulu Amelu; who evoluted . They spoke of conflicts between the Anunnaki about the mining, which led to the breeding or cloning from these evoluted beings on earth with the Shaggies also known as Enkiduites who were beings covered in fur from other galaxies (your "Big Foot"); and then even the splicing of genes of one of the Anunnaki called NINTI to put a devine intellect
in the beings called Adamites.


The 300 Anunnaki ruled by Enki
were divided into 7 tribes, or 7 lands; 1. Sippar 2. Kish 3. Kutha 4. Shuruppak 5. Uruk 6. Isin and 7. Eridu- and there capital was Nod. Remember that they original purpose here was to mine for gold. The Anunnaqi that were mining the gold consisted of two groups; 3 tribes making up the higher classes ruled by the Elohim NUSKU, who bore the title Gabriel and 4 tribes making up the lower classes ruled by the Elohim Anunnaki KALKAL also called the Angelic being ARIEL. After surveyors went out and surveyed Monodappa and Raphali, south Africa, and found out that there was a lot of gold there, The Anunnaqi who were working in the mines did not want to work themselves. Instead they wanted to make a being to do their work for them. It was because of their royal birth and the laziness of these Anunnaqi that the lower class , ruled by KALKAL, became dissatisfied and began to rebel against the higher class of Anunnaki, which in turn lead to a revolt led by KALKAL. By this time
had given his son ENLIL orders to go to QI as a Yahuwa (YAHWEH), to see the works that his brother ENQI was doing; only to find QI (Earth) in chaos. Enlil then sent word to his father Anu, by way of his messenger NUSKU, that there was a revolt and Anu sent word telling ENLIL to take over rulership of QI. ENQI said "NO": when asked to step down and bow to his brother and let his brother rule. Enqi disagreed with his fathers wishes and said " I Am the oldest". The Anunnaki feared there was going to be a war between the two brothers and their people, which would have destroyed the planet Earth. Enqi suggested that a being be created that would be the Abd meaning "servants" of the Anunnaqi and work the mines for them . The other Anunnaqi agreed. And thus began the breeding of Adam/Adapa
(Zakar) and HAWWAH (Nekaybaw), who were the first homo-sapiens.




St.Paul,Disciple Or Deceiver? (in Part) By Dr. Malachi Z.York

Romans 3:7 For If The Truth Of God Hath More Abounded Through My Lie Unto His Glory; Why Yet Am I Also Judged As A Sinner?

This is the kind of man that you base your faith on! Your whole Law concerning Christianity hangs on the words of a man WHO LIED TO GET YOUR LOYALTY. He altered the teachings of Jesus Christ as well as remitted the laws of the Prophets (Matthew 5:17-18).
Yet, You still follow Paul. You've modernized an already fabricated religion and broke it up into many other little sects: Roman Catholics, Pentecostals, Baptists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Lutherans, Born-Again-Christians, Hebrew Israelites and many others who call themselves Hebrews or Israelites or Jew yet, Quote the New Testament and speak of Jesus; Making them another sect of Christianity.(refer to Matthew 24:24).
Paul was the self appointed Apostle of the Gentiles, Some even call him a Anti-Christ; Why?
Jesus said: Keep the Sabbath (mark 2:27),Circumcise male children (Luke2:21),Paul Said: Circumcision is not Necessary (Romans 2:26) That is going against what Christ said in Luke 2:21. The word ANTI means AGAINST so Anti-Christ means to go against anything that Christ Taught.
In 2nd Chronicles 7:12-16 It says that the God dwells in chosen temples; A law through Moses. However, Paul Says In Acts 7:48 The most high does Not dwell in Temples.
God Dwells in light in 1 Timothy 6:16 says Paul. But the book of 1Kings 8:12 the lord says He dwells in Thick Darkness.
In Romans 1:20 Gods Attributes are revealed in his works says Paul. But, Isaiah 40:28 says the Opposite.
Anger is approved by Paul in Ephesians 4:26. But Anger is Disapproved in Ecclesiastes 7:9. As well as Proverbs 22:24.
The law of circumcision was instituted in Genesis 17:10 and Paul condemned it in Galatians 5:2.
Ques: Who is Paul?
Ans: Paul (meaning "little" in the Greek Translation Paulo’s) was an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin. Being that he was an Israelite his Hebrew name by birth was Saul meaning "asked"; From the root word Shaal or Shael meaning "To Inquire". Isn't it A Contradiction On Paul's behalf to call himself by a Greek name if he was born with a Hebrew name? Saul's name was changed to Paul when he became a Christian. Paul Inherited the Judahite which you now call Jew due to the territory in which his father resided before becoming a resident of the city of Tarsus, which lies in the vicinity of Rome(Acts 22:3).
Paul was called a judahite because his father was of the tribe of Judah. Paul was called a Judahite only by Territory Not by Blood!! Judahites were brought to Tarsus, Of Rome in Cilicia, to promote business and were given citizenship. Paul's father, who was of roman Nationality, became a Pharisee, which was one of the many Religious groups of that time; they were:
2.Chief Priests
4.The Essenses
5.The Scribes
6.The Rabbial Council Of Levites
Now, Because Paul's father (Originally a Benjaminite) dwelt in the land of Judah (Due to some of the tribe of Benjamin Migrating into the land of Judah) They inherited the name of the most prominent tribe- The tribe of Judah. This took place during the reign of King Rehoboam (1 Melakim (1 Kings)12:21) from 967-950 B.C.E., Son of King David, Son of Jesse of the house of Judah (Ruth 4:22).

Paul's father was a Judahite by name only. So Paul was born a Roman Greek Hebrew- In other words A reformed Judahite, A "GENTILE"!
Paul was of a mixed seed and his father had long since left the laws of Moses. Paul's Father had "REFORMED"! Now what does it mean he had reformed? According to the American Heritage Dictionary Reform Means: 1.V.-To Improve by Alterations, Correction of Error, Or Removal Of Defects.
2.To cause (A Person) To Abandon Irresponsible or Immoral Practices.
3.A Movement that attempts to Institute Improved Social and Political Conditions Without Revolutionary Change.
The reformed Jews were those of the tribe of Judah who conformed to the Hellenistic ways of Rome. Most of these reformed Jews held high or prosperous positions in the Government.
They Prospered either as skilled workers, Roman Soldiers or Learnt Scholars. The Council of Sanhedrin were of this class of people, as well as Saul's father. These men Modernized the laws and statutes given to the children of Israel by way of Moses. These Laws were adjusted According to their Roman Life Styles. (Matthew 15:6, 16:6, 23:2-3, 23:23, 25) Jesus Christ referred to them in this way:
Matthew 15:8-9
"This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honouteth me with their lips; But their heart is far from me. But In vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of Men."

These are the Jews you see today, they have diluted the original laws and customs. The only true Hebrews who still follow the old laws are the Falashas-The tribe of Judah, The remnant of the original tribes, reside in Ethiopia and some have moved up into Nubia.

Who are the real Falashas?

The Falashas, Today are the only true Israelites because they follow the Torah only. The Talmud(meaning "Study" or "Learning") Is written Interpretation of the Oral law called the Mishnah which Existed from the 1st century A.D. and was collected by Rabbi Judah and the Gemara, The Comments Of The Rabbis from 200-500 A.D. On the Mishnah.

The Talmud contains Halakhah which is legal enactments and precepts. The Falashas Do Not Accept these Interpretations over the law of Moses. For This, The Jews of today Do Not Accept them As Rabbis Or any type of Religious Official. This makes no sense at all. They will not accept the Falashas who have not mixed their seed at all and kept the Laws of Moses because they do not recognize the Talmud; A Man-Made set Of Books!

Paul studied to be a rabbinical priest which was a trait he inherited from his father. He too was not of the true followers of the laws of Moses; Yet, He was a full believer in a set of traditions of that day and time that was just like the Talmud.

So here you see how simple it was for him to "Add" to the books of the New Testament. The Pharisee’s Doctrine was a product of Hellenism (Adopted Greek Culture). Therefore, The Pharisee’s doctrine was mainly from the philosophies of the Stoics (Greek Philosophers). Originally, Greeks were Pagans before they converted to Christianity. When they did Cross-Over, They brought a lot of Pagan Practices with them such as: Hymns, The Worship Of Deities In Temples, Statues, Polytheism, and Mysticism.



We say Amen at the end of our prayers. The Preacher says " Can I get an Amen ?".The Pastor says, "And everybody said Amen". Yet no one has a clue as to what the word means. Now you say, Amen means "so be it". Not true. We stole the word from an ancient culture and changed it's meaning to suit our purpose. That's how we got most of our religious traditions.

Amen is the Egyptian God of life and reproduction, represented as a man with a ram's head. Amen, Amon, Ammon, and Atum are all the same. Amen-Ra, Amon-Ra, Atum-Ra, the Sun.



If the God of the Christians and Jews, (Jehovah), takes away the land of the Arabs and gives it to the Jews, doesn't it make sense that the God of the Arabs, (Allah), is going to get it back.?

We always have a way of justifying our misbehavior don't we. What better way to explain our aggressions against others, "its Gods word", its Gods will. The Old Testament is filled with admonitions from the God Jehovah to break down the walls of the city, pillage, loot, kill all the men, keep the virgins for yourself and on and on. The amazing thing is that to this very day, people flock to churches and admire the God who ordered the raping, looting, and pillaging. How can this be 7

Thus in actuality we do not have war between Arabs and Jews, we have confrontation between the two war Gods, Jehovah and Allah. The logic is so simple. If your God is going to take land away from me, my God is going to take it back.

That's what happened and that's what’s happening. It has never stopped and in all honesty it never will until the war Gods are killed. So how do we kill the war Gods? In meditation when we rise above thought we rise above the influences of the war Gods. At that point there is only one God and that God is God. That God is love. That God is peace.



Osiris , the great God of Egypt who dwelled in the constellation Orion. (Do you see ION there ?) But what does Osiris mean to you ?. The single eye, the Pineal Gland of the brain, the prime organ of meditation that brings forth melatonin. If you look in your medical dictionary, the word OS means OPEN, the word IRIS means EYE.




That statement is enough to call forth the stoners to take aim, yet it is a provable fact. And if Jesus is indeed Zeus, then that opens to us the whole world of mythology in which to seek ,that we may find the secret of life itself. So let us look at the evidence, and you decide.



This statement is proved by the Bible. In Revelation 3:14 , Jesus is speaking, and refers to himself as "the Amen".

Amen Ra is the name of an Egyptian Sun God. This is borne out in Matthew 2:15. The scripture states that Joseph took Jesus to Egypt to fulfill the prophecy, " out of Egypt have I called my son". In other discussions with you, I have shown you how the life of Jesus duplicates the trajectory of the Sun in the sky. Also the fact that in Greek, the name Jesus has the numerical value of 888, which is the number of the mythical Sun.



Amen Ra is a specific Egyptian Sun God. It is the Ram Head Sun God. The part that is interesting here is that the Ram Head Sun God, in Greece, is connected with Zeus. In the Bible, Jesus is the Lamb of God.


Now that we have established a connection between Jesus, Amen Ra, and Zeus, let us look into the mythology of Greece and see some striking similarities.



When Jesus was born, the wicked King Herod was killing all the children because he was afraid that Jesus would overthrow his kingdom. When Zeus was born, his wicked father Kronos was swallowing the newborns because he was afraid that Zeus was going to overthrow his kingdom. Jesus was taken to Egypt to escape from Herod. Zeus was taken to Crete to escape from Kronos.



The New Testament was written in Greek. Jesus is a Greek word. In Greek each letter has a numerical value. In Greek the letters for the word Jesus add up to 888. 888 is the number for the mythical sun in Greek. Jesus and the symbol of the sun are one in the same.

In you it is the solar plexus energy which rises up the spine to the brain. There it must ascend to the right to open up the cells in the right hemisphere, that you may pass from the winter of your soul to the springtime. It's curious. The Bible says no one could buy or sell without the mark of the beast and his number was 666. Now many cannot call long distance without the mark of the Christ and his number is 888.



A woman who enters a religious order is called a Nun. Exodus 33:11 says Joshua was Son of Nun. Now this becomes very interesting as you look at a Christian Dictionary. The Christian Dictionary will simply say “Nothing is known of Nun other then the fact that he was father of Joshua.

In the “Dictionary of World Mythology", Nun is identified. " Nun comes from the primeval waters of Egyptian Mythology. The Egyptian Atum/Atom arose from Nun. Nun is the water God. First God. He is portrayed standing waist deep in water, his arms raised to support the sun."

Amazing isn't it. In the Bible the mythological God of Gods, is Nun. Listed as Joshua's father and namesake of the gentle female order of Nuns. Yet they have no idea.

The Old Testament was written almost entirely in Hebrew with a few short elements in Aramaic. But about 300 years BC, Greek became the dominant language. The Bible ( the Old Testament) became a Greek document, which was known as the Septuagint. That word means 70 because there were supposed to be 72 translators, 6 from each of the 12 tribes.

The Encyclopedia Britannia states that the language of much of the early Christian church was Greek and it was in the Septuagint text that many early Christians located the prophecies they claimed were fulfilled by Christ. Jews on the other hand stated that this was a misuse and mistranslation of scripture and they stopped using the Septuagint. From then on the Jews followed a different translation back to Hebrew but the Christians continued on with the Greek.

Here we have a very very important fact. The Bible as we know it is a Greek document. You cannot possibly have a Greek document dating back 2000 years without at the same time having an understanding of the influence into the Bible of Greek Mythology. I have had Christians who reject that and say it was Jews who wrote the Greek text. Does it make any sense at all that a Jew who is writing of Palestine would give the Jewish Messiah a Greek name. Jesus is a Greek name and the name was selected because it has a numerical value of 888 which in Greek is the number of the mythical sun.

What I am going to suggest to you is that these classical Greeks were not Greek at all but actually from another galaxy which is known to us as 4555 and which you will read about further along. Consider, does it make sense to you that when the rest of the world was splitting rocks and selling sheep, all of a sudden in history comes a strange group congregating in one place. From them comes the very foundation of culture in Medicine, Astronomy, Science, Philosophy, Mathematics.

Names that to this very day are household words. Aesop, Archimedes, Aristotle, Democritus, Diogenes, Euclid, Heraclites, Hippocrates, Homer, Plato, Pythagoras, Socrates, Zeno.

Democritus was discussing Atoms and Electrons before the Bible , who taught him? Zeno spoke of time and space and quantum physics 2000 years ago. You can find him quoted in quantum physics books today. The first book of Socrates was called Metaphysics. Pythagoras who was the father of mathematics said he had lived before and been given the power to remember his past lives. Who were these people? Where did their knowledge of the atom, electrons, anatomy, science, the cosmos, come from? They gave us the names in our medical books, the names of planets; they taught us philosophy and provided the very foundation for civilized life. Right in the middle of a world that basically knew nothing.

I am not saying they came in space ships. They came as angles of light and entered into the fetus within the womb and then when they had evolved, they gravitated to each other and the rest is history. They were the ones who told us of the winged white horse Pegasus and the part it would play in our lives and the drama had begun.


A critical point in the development of our search is the fact that the Encyclopedia Britannica tells us that translations of both the Old and New Testament were also made into Coptic. Where we find the ancient Coptic’s, we also find the ancient Gnostics who said, salvation comes not by faith but by knowledge.


I Am African By Grandmother , Cherokee By Grandfather , With The Spirit Of The Anunnaki ............Who Are You ?

What is Common Sense ? Common Sense is common Knowledge, Meaning, Knowledge that a people will Overstand, Accept, And Unite their minds. This Knowledge is called Right Knowledge.




Is the Bible Divine

This is a problematic question. Foremost because we can't apply the concepts of statistical analysis to the problem and solve it as we can with most other mysteries.
Believing that the Bible is the "word of god" mandates certain other things:

1. First, it requires that we accept the existence of God as a divine, governing being.

2. Secondly, we must determine if we accept the concepts written in the Bible as the concepts of the God we happen to believe in.

3. Thirdly, we must determine if we believe the entire Bible or simply a portion of it. A failure in any of these three areas causes the Bible to loose its status as the "divine" word of God.


Was God Actually a God?

The first challenge to such a question comes in the beginning of the Bible which states "In the Beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth." (Genesis 1:1). Obviously such a God is a most powerful being capable of any act imaginable to man. Since we know that time slows as speed increases (The Theory of Relativity) until the speed of light is reached in which case time ceases to move, the Big Bang Theory mandates that before the Big Bang time did not exist. Thus, coordinating between the scientific view of the creation of the universe and the Bible, we must accept that God can transcend time. Even if he was self-created, he would have to self-create himself outside of the normal time-flow of the universe. This certainly explains why God can predict man's future, but it brings forth other puzzling accounts. For example, God was uncertain where Adam was when Adam hid himself in the Garden of Eden. Surely a God that could create the universe and transcend time would be able to locate a hiding man. God only learns what has happened when he interrogates Eve. Then he acts. God also cannot determine where Abel happens to be after he has been slain by his brother. Again, he must gain his answers from Cain. God has to "look down" and see what is occurring in Shinar and he has to personally view the wickedness of man before destroying the cities of the plain.


Does God still exist?

A common criticism of the Bible is that it all occurred so long ago and that it has little relevance to our daily, professional lives. If God once went down smiting cities with brimstone and fire he no longer does so. If he once influenced nations we now have congressional committees and CNN initiated scandals that perform the same function. Some have noted that God dies as technology progresses. While this has a certain irony given the stories of Cain and Abel and the Tower of Babel, all magical rites dwindle in significance when closely examined by any analytical techniques. Even concepts that are proven true, become commonplace events and are quickly pushed aside for the more pressing issues of the day. The long standing gaps between God's intimate interplay with humans (at the Garden of Eden, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, the destruction of the cities of the plain, Exodus, etc.) and modern times indicate that God is transitory. He may have thousands or millions of other worlds in the universe he is supervising. This means that he makes periodic checks on the Earth rather than continually overseeing it. Thus, God does not exists here at the moment, but will sometime in the future.


Is God Moral?

This is the question that plagues the Bible. Anyone familiar with the scriptures will note that Yahweh has no reservations about ordering the deaths of heathens. In the Old Testament he is not a God of Peace. Even the Laws of Moses, given to ensure man lives in harmony, includes death sentences for certain violations. The Flood is the most obtrusive example of his mass annihilation tactics for those who have strayed from his direction. The destruction of the cities of the plain is another.

Furthermore, Yahweh's own actions are far from exemplary. He lies to Adam and Eve regarding the poisonous state of the apple and curses the serpent for telling Eve the truth about the apple. He approves of Noah's animal sacrifice after the flood because the burning flesh has a pleasing smell. He orders Abraham to sacrifice his son on an altar as a test of loyalty (although he stops the sacrifice just before it occurs). Certainly this would place an impact on a father-son relationship. Later in the Bible he torments Job to prove to Satan that Job is loyal to him and won't turn away. This is hardly admirable conduct from a divine being.

A common response to these criticisms has always been that "Man should not question God". If you support God's divine being existence this argument is quite valid BUT you must also re-examine your definitions of what a divine being actually is.


Is God all-powerful?

God should be able to protect those who believe in him, but he doesn't do that as well. In fact, the suffering that occurs to his chosen people, the Israelites, is attributed to their lack of faith, yet, nothing happens to the Babylonians and Philistines who are the pagans and oppose Yahweh except that they occasionally loose battles. Babylonia did fall, but it fell at the hands of the Persians who were led by the Fire Priests who regarded Yahweh's cult with disdain. The Egyptians suffered horrible plagues but seem to have recovered from them well enough to continue campaigns of conquest and plundering. Certainly the Exodus didn't end Egypt as a major world power. It continued to thrive for centuries afterwards.

If God created the universe simply for the Earth he wasted a lot of material on the project. There are an estimate 100 billion solar systems in our galaxy and over 1 million galaxies in the universe. That's a lot of material just to maintain one, healthy planet. Even if God is all-powerful, he is either a very poor planner or we have seriously misidentified our significance to him.

God should also be able to transcend time but he doesn't. He stakes his entire reputation on his ability to foretell the future and deliver this information to certain special individuals through prophecy. In fact, 17 of the 39 books of the Old Testament are prophecy. One entire New Testament book is prophecy. Since hundreds of these prophecies have been fulfilled internally (I.E. the Bible said something would happen, and later the Bible said it did happen). To conduct a proper analysis we must ignore these prophecies since we cannot determine if the prophecy was interjected after the event occurred. Therefore, the Bible will have to meet the following criteria:

•Accounts of the past must be historically accurate •Accounts of the future must, if the event has happened, be accurate and recorded somewhere outside of the Bible

Since the authorization of the Bible, 330 CE, the only Biblical prophecy that has come true is the People of Israel regained their own nation. This occurred when the nation of Palestine was put down and the nation of Israel rose again. Obviously, this didn't occur through any divine act but through fierce fighting in the streets. Biblical prophecies occurred and were fulfilled on a fairly regular basis prior to the time of Christ. Since then, they seem to have ceased, the regaining of Israel notwithstanding. Thus far, there has been little to confirm the Bible's divinity or demonstrate God's power.


How accurate is the Bible?

The Old Testament details the history of Israel. The Hebrews, nomadic Semitic people of the region, came to dominate that land through military campaigns and acts of murder. Many of their military actions were sneak attacks and they massacred entire cultures, including the women and children because "God said" they had to die. God labeled groups as "wicked" and they were obliterated for the glory of God.

Even the most cursory analysis of the Old Testament quickly shows that only those whom God spoken to contributed to the story. There are no stories of the victims of these campaigns nor do we get any details of their great sins. With the exception of Jericho, god also believed that the People of Israel were more entitled to the gold and treasures of their enemies than they were. In any other document, this is a poor method of determining the truth. In any war, stories gathered from only those who won the war will always place the blame on the losers.

several of the battles detailed in the Bible are won with divine help. Yet, this divine help seems to be an erratic thing. The Exodus only occurs because God sends plagues upon Egypt. Moses could focus God's power by keeping his arms raised. As long as this occurred his people won the battle. When his arms fell, he lost the battle. Yet, none of this supreme power is displayed when the Babylonians plunder Yahweh's temple in Jerusalem and cart away the wealth of the chosen people and take the population captive. Since Daniel is among the captives, surely the faithful are being punished along with the sinners. God does nothing to intervene. The Bible clearly identifies the Babylonians as sinners against Yahweh but he still allows them the victory.


Is the Bible worthless?

Certainly, many are wondering if the Bible should be discounted. Unfortunately, many have. To understand the Bible you must understand that it is not a singular book written for a singular purpose. It is separated into two distinct categories: The Old Testament and the New Testament. The purpose of the New Testament is to demonstrate the glory of Jesus Christ and praise the salvation of mankind. The Old Testament consists of writings from a number of varying ages, detailing things thought to be important during a time when writing was rare. It explains the origin of the universe, not as God explained it but as the authors understood it. Like our own explanations of the early history of Europe, Rome, Greece, Assyria, and Egypt, these early authors attempted to record the history of their ancestral nations. They attempted to explain the destruction of the cities of the plain in a fashion not unlike our explanations of Hiroshima. In that age most histories were passed word of mouth but the ambitious writers of the time thought to record those histories for future generations. As their work was gathered through the ages it was combined into the volumes that eventually became the Old Testament.

What I find as the most important aspect of the Old Testament is what isn't recorded there. Any study of the Old Testament reveals that the stories there are greatly abbreviated versions or longer tales. Comparison with the legends of Assyria and Babylonia show that some Biblical tales are short excerpts from entire epics. Understanding that much of this was actual history, the moralistic story of the destruction of the cities of the plain hints at a widespread "nuclear-style" assault. If this was actually launched by "God and his angels" then the implications of this event become frightening. The story of the Great Flood, which occurs in most cultures, indicates another great historic catastrophe. If for no other reason, the Bible is relevant simply for its history even if you disbelieve its theological implications.

The editing done by man makes God appear to be less than he actually is. Our task, is to see through the ages, cut through the additions, changes, and deletions, and try to see the real story of the Bible: the story of God, the early Earth, and his chosen people.








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I Believe....?

Believe-1.a state or habit of mind in which trust, confidence or reliance is placed in some person or thing; faith...Hum!
To believe is to assume a state of mind based on trust. A belief is not ,therefore ,based on is based on unsubstantiated trust. Whether facts are present or not, Whether Truth is present or not, is basically irrelevant. No evidence or proof is needed to believe in Santa Claus or the Easter bunny, only trust in the stories and legends of their existence.

If a person chooses to believe in Santa Claus, he or she has established a "Personal Truth" not "The Truth" 'The Truth’ is not subject to perspective and does not change as 'Personal Truths'can,and often do. 'The Truth’ is not dependent upon the special ness of its messenger, nor is it diminished when spoken by an Evil Person, or enhanced when spoken by a Good Person. You may not like The Truth you may even hate The Truth, you may even try to turn The Truth into something else...but the Truth, very simply 'Just is The Truth'.

The Earth revolves around the sun, that is’ The Truth’. In the middle ages, however the Holy Roman Church dictated that the Sun revolved around the Earth. Copernicus and Galileo were punished, in fact, for trying to express 'The Truth'. The Beliefs of the Church could not change this 'Fact’, Faith could not change this 'Fact'...The Church could not change this 'Fact'! THE TRUTH, therefore, is not founded on belief! 'Truth’ is based....ON FACT!

I believe does not express’ The Truth', it expresses the perspective of the individual making the statment.

dogma-1.a:Something held as an established opinion 1.b:a code or system-atized formulation of such tenets 1.c:a point of view or alleged authorities tenet put forth as dogma without adequate grounds: an arrogant or vehement expression of opinion 2:a doctrine or body of doctrines of theology and religion formally stated and authoritatively proclaimed by a church
Webster's Third New International Dictionary states
A community that adheres to a position, without evidence or proof, is NOT a community based on Truth. it is a community based on belief. And while this may go towards making their lives easier and providing inspiration, it does not go towards the furthering of knowledge or Truth. Belief is not Truth. Belief is personal, Truth is Not. A seeker of Truth will Not be concerned with his or her image and will admit an error or lack of information. A purveyor of dogma will not allow his position to be challenged nor will he be forthcoming with any of his evidence. A purveyor of dogma will not allow his position to be questioned or examined in any way, dismissing anyone who attempts a scrutiny, attacking any one who presents solid refutation. A challenger of dogma is always considered a heretic and must be labeled nothing less than 'Evil'or'Satanic'.....Hummm (:-)


Questions to ponder from Dr. York's 360 questions series (in part)


1.Can anyone else die for your sins?
1a.If Jesus died for man's sins, then why are people still sinning?
1b. Below are the same commandments and Laws Jesus followed him self!

DEU 24:16 The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, neither shall the children be put to death for the fathers: every man shall be put to death for his own sin.

2chro 25:4 But he slew not their children, but [did] as [it is] written in the law in the book of Moses, where the LORD commanded, saying, The fathers shall not die for the children, neither shall the children die for the fathers, but every man shall die for his own sin.

2king 14:6 But the children of the murderers he slew not: according unto that which is written in the book of the law of Moses, wherein the LORD commanded, saying, The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, nor the children be put to death for the fathers; but every man shall be put to death for his own sin.

2. Did God Create Evil?

Isaiah 45:7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these [things].
Jeremiah 18:11 Now therefore go to, speak to the men of Judah, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, saying, Thus saith the LORD; Behold, I frame evil against you, and devise a device against you: return ye now every one from his evil way, and make your ways and your doings good.
Amos 3:6 Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done [it]?
2a. Evil is defined as: 1morally bad or wrong;wicked;malevolent;sinful;an evil tyrant.
b.causing an undesirable condition, as ruin, injury, or pain; harmful;
c.Characterized by anger or spite; Malicious: An evil temper.

3. Since everyone came from Adam and Eve who, according to Christian doctrine, were the first human beings, then why doesn’t everyone look exactly alike?

4.If all Human beings came from Adam and Eve , who according to Christian doctrine came from the rib of Adam, Then shouldn't everyone on the planet Earth have the same Blood Type?

5.If there was no one on the planet except for Adam and eve Cain and abel, and abel was killed in Genesis 4:8 ,then who did cain have children by in Genesis 4:17?

5a. Where was/is the land of Nod?
5b. Who was Enoch's Mother a.k.a. Cains wife?

Questions from various sourses.



6.In Exodus 4:6-7 what color was Moses hand when he placed it into his Bosom, while talking to the Pharaoh?

exodus 4:6 And the LORD said furthermore unto him, Put now thine hand into thy bosom. And he put his hand into his bosom: and when he took it out, behold, his hand [was] leprous as snow.

exodus 4:7 And he said, Put thine hand into thy bosom again. And he put his hand into his bosom again; and plucked it out of his bosom, and, behold, it was turned again as his [other] flesh.


Are the Anunnaki we speak of the same beings as the 200 fallen Angelic beings?

Answer,(Yes and No) The Fallen Angelic Beings are those Anunnaki workers who refuse to follow the laws and rules of the Anunnaki and the Iggi, After Enki created new workers to do the labor the Anunnaki workers didn't want to do the workers had children and to the Anunnaki workers the daughters of these workers were fair (meaning cute,sexy,fine,attractive)so they broke the rules of the Anunnaki leaders and had sex with the daughters of man and to them children were born and they were giants in the land.

These giants were called Anaqites which means "long neck" who came about by the rape of the Ptahites by the Nephileems, "those who fell down", to breed a superior yet disagreeable race of hairy dark skinned tall people; The first Nubians to grow facial hairs. Adam was of this race and tride. The people called Disagreeable Eloheem, Anunnaqi orginated with only 200, which were cast from the Kingdom of Malakuwt (the realm of the angels) at the beginning of the last sun cycle.(right knowledge pgs 54-55 in-part)

Many sources point to the fact that the fallen angels are the Originators of Hinduism and the tongue of Sanskrit. They moved southward into what is called Bali: The city of many Temples.

The Hindus, also took the symbol of the cow and declared it sacred along with the worship of Monkeys, Snakes, and other demigods like creatures. Their rituals that were practiced were called the Karma sutra, which was based on free sex, and all forms of sexual perversions. Their so-called Spiritual book was called the Bagda Veda, and their descent, as Fallen Angelic Beings from the skies, Is recorded in what they call the Upanishads.
They descended down to a place in the Persian Gulf, then moved southward as mentioned before throughout what is called India today, In which you will find has Millions of forms of demon worship: walking on coal, stabbing pointed objects through the skin, hanging oneself up staring into the sun until blindness, covering the body with various colors of paints symbolizing forms of perfections, folding the body up into all kinds of abstract forms and calling it Yoga, Establishing Ashrams (a secluded place for a community) for worship, and listening to demons in human form teaching of Transcendental Meditation, mind over matter, extreme fasting, and self physical abuse, like the kingdoms in Sodom and Gomorrah under the Guidance of Gurus and Swamis.

All of these forms of spookisms and demon worship have been watered down, which then gets taught to you such as : Judaism, Christianity, Al Islam, African Islam, Ansaar Islaam,The Nation of Islam, The five percenters, the Bahaism, or Sikhism.

Now is the time for the truth and Nothing but the Truth! Facts and Nothing but Facts! If you can't prove the validity of your prophets , Messiahs, Mahdis,Religious sites Dates or Spiritual Promises, You cannot use it. The Pyramids are real! You lived there. But, First you must Overstand that the Overstanding of Names, Meanings, and Plurality and languages, is the key to Overstanding the first tablets recorded in the tongue of Cuneiform.

Haylal (Samael, "poison those of el"), through the Spell Of Leviathan has used these methods to control the minds and thought patterns of the Nubian Ptahites (The children of the Anunnaki) And through Overstanding and Right Guidance, you will overcome the spell of Mental Bondage, that has kept you bound in chains for 4,004 years before 2000 A.D. years ago. (taken in-part from the scroll Right Knowledge #28 pgs 58-60)



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Fundamentalists(in part)

Fundamentalists are the most complex people of any who discuss the Bible. They pose the most difficult challenges in religious communications because they make a wide variety of mistakes when they interact with those of differing beliefs. This is primarily a result of their unique religious philosophy.

Fundamentalists presume that everyone they associate with has a moral obligation to have the same religious feelings that they do. They firmly believe that others who hold differing opinions are either uninformed or confused and are unable to correctly interpret biblical writings without guidance and insight. Fundamentalists never consider that other people's beliefs might be as valid as their own.

This is the most insulting characteristic a Fundamentalist portrays. He begins interactions with skeptics and analysts with the preconceived attitude that he has all the answers and the other person is ignorant. Ironically, in most cases, neither the Fundamentalist or those he argues with ever recognize these facts.


Believers(in part)

Believers are a careful balance of skeptic and Fundamentalist. The category encompasses most of the population of North and South America and Europe. Believers feel that most of the Biblical text is based on truth but they are willing to accept various interpretations and are not confined to exact translations. Unlike Fundamentalists, they can also accept the idea that some portions of the Bible might be myth while others might be literal truth. People in this category are usually the first to admit they don't know all of the answers and are more willing to listen to other's ideas on religion without becoming combative.

Occasionally, skeptics are more frustrated by believers than Fundamentalists because the Fundamentalist can define why he believes certain concepts while the believer holds many of the ideas he does simply because he chooses to do so. A believer can confront mountains of critical information that questions the Bible and reply "I don't choose to pick the Bible apart. I feel the way I want to feel". In essence, the believer holds a fairly solid faith without worrying about the details. This approach seems alien to skeptics and analysts and presents a communication gulf between them and believers.

Most believers know less of the Biblical text than people in any of the other three categories. They are often surprised by details of the Bible and are less comfortable with some of the morally challenging episodes. Believers generally accept the concept of a peaceful, loving God but question events like God's tormenting of Aaron and his sons and his allowance of mental torments against Job simply to test his loyalty and faith. Most believers are unsettled by Biblical elements such as God's laws that condemn homosexuals to death and the mass slaughters that God orders and inflicts during the forty years of the Exodus.

A believer's commitment may waiver when forced to verify his belief that the heavens and earth really were created in a mere six days. To be a good believer, one must weave through a maze of often conflicting concepts and ideas. Believers generally accept the scientific notions that the Earth is billions of years old but also accept the idea that it was created according to a divine plan. Although they understand that the universe is enormous, they can accept the idea that it was made by God for the benefit of humans. Flexibility is a believer's greatest quality.

Despite their appearance to others, believers often possess extremely strong faiths. When confronted by a skeptic they may support their ideas better than a Fundamentalist or analyst. Believers are willing to attribute many religious conflicts as the result of God's mysterious ways. They are rarely closed to either the extremes of the Fundamentalist or the pessimistic methods of the skeptic, although they may find either equally annoying.


Skeptics(in part)

Skeptics approach life with the attitude that things must be demonstrated and tested before they can believe in them. By their nature, they are a Fundamentalist's worst nightmare. They closely adhere to the Scientific Method and doubt everything that cannot be proven and replicated. When arguing religion, they examine every detail and ensure that nothing is taken on faith. In most ways, they are the antithesis of Fundamentalists. Science is their basis of knowledge and anything that has not been certified as a scientific FACT is open to argument.

In their own way, skeptics fall into as many logical traps as Fundamentalists. They would be well advised to simply give Fundamentalists a break every now and then. Skeptics place the entire burden of proof on Fundamentalists, requiring measured evidence before they will believe that God has intervened into any event in our history. Since Fundamentalists cannot prove that God created the heavens and the Earth, skeptics regard Fundamentalists as rather silly people willing to believe the most outrageous things. Skeptics often fall victim to the "either-or fallacy". They firmly believe the universe was created by the Big Bang but never consider that a divine being might have started the process. Skeptics rarely recognize the fact that they and Fundamentalists might be operating from the same sheet of music.

Those who base their belief on faith have difficulty dealing with skeptics. Most skeptics could improve their communications with others if they permitted a gray area that allowed for things that might exist but cannot be proven with available information. Proving that God really did create the universe is equal to proving that George Washington really was the first president of the United States. Once you discount all of the written records that make the claim, there is little more you can do to prove your case. Skeptics generally accept historic records but doubt religious ones. This double standard often makes the skeptic rather arrogant. Like Fundamentalists, they should recognize that others beliefs are equally valid until firm evidence proves otherwise.

In some ways, the skeptics approach is the most valid. In all matters, skeptics adhere to the scientifically proven concepts as the norm and require extreme proof before they alter their baseline perceptions. This protects against wild, unsubstantiated theories. Without some level of skepticism, the general population would believe that the planet was daily visited by teams of aliens abducting humans for experiments, that the government was involved in thousands of conspiracies against its own citizens, and that spirits from other dimensions were passing divine knowledge to a select few who relayed them over the Internet. The danger comes when skeptics become so engrossed in their approach, that nothing is provable. Every piece of data become subject to scrutiny and eventually is discounted and discarded because it fails to meet the skeptics level of tests. Thus, the Fundamentalist's arguments become UN provable before it has ever been presented. The only way a Fundamentalist might prove his case is if God and Moses accompanies him and provides personal testimony. Even then, the skeptic might question whether the testimony is an accurate account of past events or if critical details were omitted.


Analysts(in part)

Analysts presume that all of God's observable actions can be decomposed into formulas that can be weighed and evaluated by human understanding. Since the Bible was physically composed by humans, even if it was divinely inspired, its content should, in the analysts mind, be decipherable by humans. By comparing Biblical concepts against observable facts in the universe, the analyst believes he can sift erroneous concepts from those that contain actual fact. Once he has made this determination, the analyst seeks to find the common core elements that will provide him with real truth. The analyst views every person and every observation as a source of information and often challenges sources he agrees with simply to test their validity. They attempt to approach the religion without preconceived notions and evaluate religious concepts without opinion to determine if the facts are self-supporting. One unique quality to the analyst is that he will dissect Biblical tales into their associated elements and determine if they synonymous or in opposition to other related facts.

For example, an analyst will study the Exodus story and see if the story itself has any inherent internal conflicts. He would then compare the story to historic and archeological information regarding the history of the Egyptians and Hebrews and see how this compares to information in the story. Afterwards, he would seek correlations between then Exodus story and the myths of other cultures. An analyst would never discount the Exodus unless he discovered information that firmly contradicted the tale. Concurrently, he would never accept the tale as genuine, or even plausible, until he had determined that the tale was at least internally consistent.

In most ways, analysts are lesser form of skeptics. They evaluate facts and the way things appear, not the way people want them to be. As a result, analysts often appear quite cold to others. An analyst could easily determine that, in his opinion, there is no afterlife since medical observations determine that all of our conscious and unconscious thoughts originate in the brain and the brain dies upon physical death. He would consider the social consequences of such a conclusion, namely, that without belief in an afterlife, death becomes a very fearful eventuality and life becomes somewhat meaningless. Without the fear of having to atone for our sins, many people loose the motivation to do the right thing if the chance of being caught by others is small. Such an attitude might break down the morale fiber of our society and might lead to anarchy. Such thoughts would probably enter the analyst's mind but would not dissuade him from his conclusions. For the most part, analysts are very matter-of-fact people.

Analysts are less likely to fall victim to ill-supported suppositions because they are willing to place ideas into the "maybe" category. An analyst, unlike the skeptic or Fundamentalist, has no problem filing theories into the "unknown - need more data" category. Thus, the analyst is uniquely qualified to interact with the Fundamentalist and skeptic without alienating either. His relationship with the believer is probably the most awkward, since the analyst rarely understands the believer's ability to maintain seemingly contrary ideas simultaneously.

By far, the analyst's primary weakness is his confidence that he can solve any of the universe's mysteries provided he acquires enough data. True analysts scoff at the notion that God's plan is beyond human comprehension. The analyst eagerly attacks great mysteries, slicing them apart into their core elements so he can measure and evaluate them. He becomes extremely frustrated whenever he is presented with adequate information but cannot derive at a sound conclusion.

BY Russell W. Sanders





I can Not and Will not make the claim that the information on my pages are 100% Truthful, But When you really think about it, Neither can those who Believe in the bible Koran & Torah! I will leave that up to You! Unlike those I've just mentioned I know you have a brain and I want you to use it! Peace my people! & Much Love From Mr.Big D.




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