My Poems Page 99

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Katie And Roy

White sands of New Smyrna Beach
Their beauty brings to me much joy
Walking there on a sunny afternoon
I see my good friends Katie and Roy

A big hi to y'all and how y'all been
A great big greeting when we meet
What a nice couple there I do see
Roy so distinguished, Katie so sweet

Walking along the beautiful beach
I can see a seagull taking to flight
Waves breaking along a jetty wall
Projects to me a most lovely sight

To see both the sand and the ocean
A wonderful place that is really neat
But to the nice people that live here
I love your smile everytime we meet

New Smyrna Beach

As twilight comes to the Alantic
A lonely seagull there I can see
I hear the waves as they break
It is such a beautiful site to me

With no clouds to dim the moon
Waves seem like crystal tonight
Spray we can feel in the night air
Stars high above shine so bright

Only the waves making a sound
Tranquillity I can feel in my being
This beautiful place in our world
New Smyrna Beach I am seeing

I can feel the warm early night air
A slight breeze blows on my face
Here I have this wonderful feeling
A place only Heaven can replace

His Prayer

Beneath that lonely mound of clay
Lies the body of his beloved wife
Over fifty years they were together
They saw so much love in their life

He stops here at least once a week
A bouquet of flowers for her grave
Tears roll down his wrinkled face
With a stiff lip he tries to be brave

Alone he stands with a heavy heart
Wondering why she had to go away
Slowly he drops down on his knees
He looks to heaven and starts to pray

God, you have been very good to me
You have given me a wonderful wife
You have her with you up in heaven
Please reunite us into an eternal life

Hiram And Josh

Hiram and Josh wuz gone coon huntin
They had to pass widder Miria's place
Josh sed to Hiram that widder iz purty
Passing they slowed down thar pace

They seed that thar widder a lookin
With one of them smiles that wuz cute
Old Josh got to gawkin at the widder
He tripped over a big sickymore root

Josh said I guess aint nothin broked
Even this pint of shine in my pocket
Iffen you takes a drink of this shine
Hit'll make you take off like a rocket

After drinkin all that bottle of shine
They started singing way offen tune
Josh and Hiram cuddent see nothin
Dang near got runned over by a coon

Our Special Angel

Today I was touched by an angel
Upon my cheek she placed a kiss
I looked into her pretty blue eyes
It's a sight I am glad I didn't miss

God put her here to be our angel
It's her love we can see every day
Smiles worth over a million dollars
But not a cent do we have to pay

It warms my heart when she laughs
I chuckle at the things she does say
An innocent grin she throws at me
Brightens an otherwise gloomy day

Some day she will walk up in Heaven
God will smile when he sees her grin
The beauty of the way he made things
Some bright day we will all meet again


Could you spare a dollar mister
The old man asked me that day
When I handed him five dollars
He just smiled and walked away

I knew where he would be going
To a carryout just down the street
Get him a fifth of Bacco whiteport
In a paper bag he carries his treat

This old man started me thinking
It might be me walking in his shoes
He could be a long lost grandfather
Surely not the life I would choose

He might have been a great hero
Drinking to dim the things he saw
Living the life of a homeless man
Life just doesn't matter to him at all

Spring Love

A million stars are shining tonight
A cricket is calling out to his mate
A warm balmy night they can feel
As he walks the lane with his date

Whippoorwills sing a lonely tune
A smile appears on her lovely face
She knows tonight he will ask her
To pick a white gown made of lace

That day cannot be here too soon
With happiness she will be his wife
With this handsome man with her
Knowing they will have a great life

Wedding bells soon will be ringing
Her dream then will be coming true
She has found her Prince Charming
Skies to be forever be bright and blue

Billy George And Zeke

I seed Billy George and Zeke
Sneakin to Hibbs wine cellar
Old Zeke opened up a bottle
Took a sip and said hits meller

I watched them boys drinkin
Jest like a couple dern fools
Porky Bob told them fellers
Yer drunker than two mules

Billy George he sure got sick
His face wuz an ashen gray
Me and Porky Bob laughed
As them boys staggered away

We seed them both next day
Theys faces wuz like blue clay
I heard Billy George tell Zeke
I sure got plumb sick yisterday


Sand castles we build in the sand
Dreams we build within our mind
Love we build inside of our hearts
Happiness we build by being kind

Sand castles so meticulously made
Dreams we find are with us always
True love will be with us a lifetime
Happiness comes to our lazy days

Sand castles will be washed away
Dreams as we know can come true
Love is a great part of all our lives
Happiness should happen to you

We build our sand castles for today
Dreams we will want to last forever
Love in our hearts will ever remain
Happiness to be with ever endeaver


I may never gain fame or fortune
In lights I will not see my name
I'm just a plain old country boy
Trying to stay up with the game

College education I have none
Lucky to finish up High School
Education came later in my life
So I guess I am not really a fool

Days have passed by so quickly
There are days I don't feel so old
Contentment now surrounds me
It is a feeling worth more than gold

Today I am retired and so happy
I still do most things as best I can
Living here in our very nice home
With Mary and my lovely wife Jan

copyright 2003 By Acie

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