My Poems Page 98

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There are angels in our life
Although we will never see
Their vision in our lifetime
They will help you and me

Steer us on the right path
Never let us drift far away
Their duty here on Earth
Watch over us each day

Times you can feel them
Standing near your side
Quiet with never a whisper
On soft wings they do ride

Yes your angel is with you
Her time with you will blend
Until that day you go away
To heaven you both ascend

My Weed Patch

Green grows the grass
From the late May rain
Work is being created
Need to clean the drain

Can't work the garden
Mud is much too deep
Weeds are taking over
Making this man weep

Tomatoes are blooming
Growing with the weeds
No more rain is needed
Fertilizer is their needs

Summer days to be dry
Not a cloud in the sky
If I see you at the market
Then you will know why

His Forest

Walking through the forest today
I can see so much beauty unfold
The sounds that come to my ears
Brings to me stories long untold

A ruffed grouse takes to his wing
With a start he causes me to feel
Excitement as I see him fly away
Realizing everything here is real

I hear a squirrel high up in a Hickory
Shells from a nut fall on the ground
He looks around in his fearful scorn
I watch him without making a sound

With birds singing their lovely songs
I realize this forest is a santuary for me
Here I can meditate and find relaxation
I see this world as God meant it to be


As I walk these sandy shores
There is smell of salt in the air
I love to stroll along the beach
Feel the soft breeze in my hair

Hear the roar of the breakers
Watch the seagulls as they fly
See a sailboat out on the water
Look up to find a cloudless sky

So free I do feel this lovely day
As I tread this beautiful beach
I have a feeling of exuberance
As if Heaven is within my reach

To share this tropical paradise
With the sky and water so blue
Just shut your eyes and relax
A vision soon will come to you

The Mountain

Listening to that babbling brook
Looking up to the clear blue sky
My world is so peaceful this day
Standing on a mountain up high

A cool breeze my face does feel
Drifting down from the top above
Laurel and Rhododendren I see
Beauty of this mountain that I love

I can see the wild flowers growing
All so beautiful they dot the terrain
Growing lush in their colorful way
Watered from the early spring rain

Refreshment from this rarefied air
Cleanses both my body and soul
So quiet to sit here and talk to Him
Knowing Heaven will be my goal

A Broken Life

He walks alone a broken man
His world has gone all wrong
Although he was a brilliant man
His will was never very strong

It had started with an office party
Someone offered him some coke
Shortly after that he was hooked
His habit always kept him broke

At home still sits his faithful wife
Bill collectors always on the phone
She doesn't know what to tell them
Never home, he leaves her all alone

She knows she should divorce him
But she knows she will stay his wife
The love she has for him is still there
What else can she do with her life

Their Picnic

As the old man sits on his porch
Shuts his eyes and then dreams
About the long time past gone by
It is her lovely vision he gleams

She is gone but he can't forget her
Her image will ever burn his heart
Knowing she will ever be near him
Her memories make the tears start

Smiling he remembers that picnic
Fried chicken she put on his plate
So much enjoyment they did have
He got her back home a little late

These dreams is what he has now
But reunited they will be some day
To enjoy their picnic one more time
Fried chicken on a plate she will lay


Leaves were swirling in the wind
Big dark clouds rolled in the sky
Lightning was flashing so brightly
Rain covered fields that were dry

Winds have increased in velocity
Darkness now settles on the land
A roar is heard out in the distance
Air is dirty and filled with gritty sand

Looking west he can see the funnel
It is sucking up everything in sight
Running fast down to the basement
His heart beats faster from the fright

In the corner he crouchs down so low
In a minute quietness he can hear
Slowly he walks back up the stairway
His house is scattered everywhere

A Leaf

I saw a small leaf drop in the stream
It fell from a tree high up in the sky
So slowly it fluttered down its desent
When it lights it will be no longer dry

It will bob and weave on its wet trip
Dodging first a rock then a sand bar
Floating on the clear mountain water
Its trip down the stream will take it far

Down the falls and through the ripples
Spinning wildly without a way to steer
It will go anywhere the water will take it
Soon the end of its journey will be near

It slows to a stop in a large hole of water
Without currents to let the leaf's ride keep
It feels so much heavier than it has been
Slowly it starts falling to the bottom so deep

A Spring Day

Soft rain falls on a lawn of green
Air smells so fresh and so clean
I sit by the Bay window for hours
Watch the rain fall on my flowers

I see a rose that is a beautiful red
Lovely for a bride when she is wed
Mums in a planter are snow white
Rain makes the world airy and light

Pappa Robin braves the light rain
Mama Robin dry and don't complain
Water drips down from house's eve
Spider sits on the web he did weave

A pleasant cool day the first of June
Hot weather will be coming too soon
Summer days will be so hot and dry
As the nice days of spring slowly die

copyright 2003 By Acie

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