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My Poems Page 96

My Glen

In the quiet of a sheltered glen
I have such ease of my mind
A place I can sit and reminisce
Soul searching there I can find

Surrounding me is much beauty
God has put here for me to see
Freshness of all the wildflowers
Yellow leaves on the Maple tree

I feel a breeze blowing on my brow
So gentle it feels to my bare skin
Contentment here my heart finds
Cleansing my mind and soul again

To this glen I must soon come back
I should come here most every day
It is here I can find peace of my mind
A feeling of happiness in every way

The Red Shirt

I can still remember that red shirt
My sister bought and gave to me
I was so happy with that present
A smile on my face for her to see

Summer time was when she got it
I wanted to wear it about every day
My mother would laugh and tell me
You are afraid the red will fade away

Worn so much it became threadbare
How I hated to see that old red shirt go
Never have I seen another I liked better
My love for that red shirt sure did grow

Could it have been who gave it to me
My sweet sister was always so kind
Love I have for Betty brings memories
Up in Heaven she has me on her mind

The Proud Eagle

Eagles fly with powerful wings
Its a symbol of our great nation
So swift of wing and keen of eye
He will strike without hesitation

He flies high up into a blue sky
Searching for a meal from above
So diligently he hunts each day
To feed ones he dearly does love

Talons are so sharp and strong
He carries the prey to his nest
He feeds the baby eaglets first
Then he will consume the rest

So proud and beautiful he flies
A great bird that shows no fear
A true representative of the free
Trait the eagle holds to be so dear

Dreaming Again

Listening to the rain falling
On the old roof made of tin
Made for a sleepy afternoon
There, I go dreaming again

Dreams are food for thought
As you venture back in time
A time filled with happiness
Pepsis were two for a dime

White sneakers I wore then
But only in our school gym
Wool socks were vogue then
White with a red top for trim

Dreams will keep us going
Throughout life we can recall
Little things we had forgotten
Can be so important to us all

Bouquets For Mother

Wont you give to your mother
Flowers on this mother's day
Show how much you love her
Make her special in every way

Roses, I gave my sweet mother
From my garden where they grew
A smile she then would give me
Showing her love for me was true

I miss taking her the pretty flowers
She has been gone now for years
The memories she has left with me
Still seems to fill my eyes with tears

So, if your mother is still with you
Remember this Sunday is her day
Take her out to a very special dinner
Pick up her a bouquet on your way

Who Is That

Old friends we always remember
Images sometime come to mind
What they looked like so long ago
To some time has been very kind

To others we will scratch our heads
We then wonder who could that be
I know it is someone from my past
If I get a bit closer maybe I can see

Embarrassed I ask one that I know
Who is that lady standing over there
His eyes must be worse than mine are
He asks if she has bleach blonde hair

We may have forgotten your name
After all it has been a long time ago
But if you are still a friend of mine
I bet next time your name I will know

The Old Choir

Sun is shining in such regal splendor
I can hear those church bells ringing
Soon the choir will be all assembled
Glorious songs they then will be singing

Just a closer walk with Thee, I can hear
They sing with such feeling and inspiration
With much beauty are all the songs they sing
Filling so many hearts with great aspiration

My mind drifts back to a time long past
When to that little church we would go
Children we were sitting there so quietly
We always loved to sit up in the front row

Jesus was precious then and still he is now
All those beautiful songs they still sing today
But how I wish I could go back there in time
And listen to a choir sing that old fashion way

Morning's Rain

Thunder rumbled across the sky
On this dreary Saturday morning
Lightning flashed its eerie fingers
The wind came up without warning

Rain is pelting down in a steady fall
Muddy water running on the highway
Into the creek along side it then flows
Looks like it will rain hard most of day

A day like this is made for one thing
To relax and take a very long snooze
Not to worry about anything this day
Don't turn on the TV to see the news

Tomorrow morning the sun will be up
Life will be back to where it had been
But while the rain keeps pouring down
This most soothing sleep I will stay in

Sheriff Frank

Tall in black saddles they rode
Drifting down the trail that day
No one would ever stop them
Best you stay out of their way

The lead rider was a big man
A 44 Colt was hung on his hip
He was mean as a rattlesnake
To big Jim you gave him no lip

To the town they rode that day
They were going to rob the bank
They had never run into the sheriff
A tall and thin man named Frank

Frank and his men were waiting
A hail of bullets cut big Jim down
His gang scattered in the hillside
Sheriff Frank had saved the town


Plumes of poison spewed down
Covering all of New Boston town
Coke plant ran with their blessing
EPA reports was window dressing

With pollution raining from the skies
We could feel a burning in our eyes
Stench was so offensive to the nose
High into the atmosphere it then rose

Sprinkling seeds of cancer in the air
Winds blew that poison everywhere
Breathed in by old and young alike
Cancer doesn't care who it might strike

To tell us that we should not ever worry
To you at the EPA I am so very sorry
Concealing facts we know to be true
Never in a million years will I trust you

copyright 2003 By Acie

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