My Poems Page 95

It's Beautiful

Refreshing beauty highlights my lawn
There is where my Rhododendron grow
Purple and Red blooms can be seen
So bright they almost seem to glow

With Azeleas showing multi colors
Pink, Orange and Red can be seen
Lovely blooms grow on branches
Garnished with leaves of dark green

Roses soon will show their bloom
Buds I can see growing on a cane
They will give us color all summer
Then in Autumn they shall wane

Wild flowers growing in the back
Show many diverse colors to see
Yes beauty is all around our home
With love on the inside ever to be

The Old Swing

He sits on the old front porch
In the swing he built long ago
He thinks to a long time past
And how fast the years did go

A smile crosses his aged face
As he thinks of a lady he knew
Fifty two years his wife she was
How he loved her eyes of blue

He lost her about two years ago
He saw her draw her last breath
She was bedridden from cancer
She smiled just before her death

He will linger on Earth for a while
Then he too will lay down and die
Together they will be once again
In a Heavenly home up on high

My New Roof

Four men on my roof did climb
They tore the old shingles away
Hoping they could finish the job
It is suppose to rain later today

I hear the tapping of a hammer
Driving the nails with percision
Each man has a job he must do
A Boss has to make the decision

Up the ladder they carry shingles
Heavy, too much for me to carry
It sure doesn't take him very long
He works so hard no time to tarry

When the job is over they get paid
With money out of my pocketbook
I am glad Baker's are doing the job
For I know Ron Baker isn't a crook

Yesterday's Friends

Will you fill me a glass with water
This thirst will you quench for me
My work has been so exhausting
Sweat on my tan brow you can see

Working to help all our neighbors
We work from dawn to setting sun
With a feeling of deep satisfaction
When our days work is finally done

That is how things were years ago
When everyone was a good friend
Working side by side was the way
They worked until the job would end

Today, sadly it is so much different
Each man seems to go his own way
Without thoughts of helping others
Their work becomes a solitary day


Guess they just don't remember me
Could they have forgotten my name
As I look back to that long time ago
My friends just don't look the same

What once was muscle, is now flab
Double chins must be in vogue now
Paunchness now rules the waistline
It has happened to most some how

Gee I don't remember the wrinkles
That now line most everyone's face
Guess somehow they could no longer
Stay in step with such a fast pace

We all have aged and most show it
It really makes no difference to me
The thrill of you here one more time
A sight my eyes always want to see

Memories Of OHS

It stood in the small village of Otway
A school where we got our education
Although it wasn't a very large school
To us it was the best one in the nation

Our graduating class was a small one
I sometimes visualize them in my mind
Reflections of a time back in my youth
When it seemed our world was so kind

Memories Otway High has given me
Go through my mind now and then
Happy times we spent in that school
Are some of the best there has been

Sadness too often comes to my mind
Knowing of some we cannot now see
Memories of happiness will do for now
Knowing a great reunion for us will be


The glow of an incandescent moon
Gives us a feeling of love this night
The sweet smell of lilacs fill the air
A setting seems so perfectly right

On my bended knee I now ask her
Will you be with me for all our life
All your love is what I want forever
My love will you become my wife

With a big smile on her lovely face
She says her love will be ever strong
With a laugh on her pretty red lips
She asks why did you wait this long

Tomorrow we start our life together
Happiness now flows in two hearts
A man and a woman deeply in love
Their new world of happiness starts

Love Games

What has happened to this old world
Can you find any true love any more
Tears come far too easy for me today
You have broken my heart to the core

All my dreams have now vanished
My days seem to all be the same
Lonesome for all those good times
I was never good at playing a game

You got tired of playing with my heart
You met another you think is so cool
But sweetheart he knows how to play
He is smart he wont be anyone's fool

I know he promised you everything
But what would you do with a moon
He will destroy your heart completely
So don't throw away our love too soon


I guess service is a forgotten word
In this modern age at a retail store
Employees look at us and wonder
Will he come back here anymore

I ask where I can find this product
I am answered over that way maybe
If you can't find it over in that aisle
You can look back in aisle three

In isle ten I finally find my product
Although they had some in isle four
I guess the size doesn't really matter
We don't use it very much anymore

My legs are tired of all this walking
Next time I will go to another store
I reckon though I will find again
They don't have service anymore

Your Man

As I walk through this world
I feel so lonely and I am sad
We once had a sweet love
But now it all has gone bad

He now holds to your hand
As you go on with your life
I wonder if he will someday
Ask you to become his wife

Bitter, yes you can say that
I now have a heart cold as ice
If today I spoke my mind to you
I know it just wouldn't be nice

So walk the pathway with him
Love him the best that you can
Just remember on a dark day
With love I would be your man

copyright 2003 By Acie

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