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My Poems Page 94

Blue Angels

They fly the skies toward Heaven
On wings that are made by man
Flying in a very precise formation
Getting in as close as they can

These Angels roar in the skies
With speed faster than sound
When they break that barrier
A boom is heard on the ground

Skillfully they handle their craft
Using a plan that has been cast
If only one makes a wrong move
They know it might be their last

With nerves of steel they fly them
Blue Angels that are so very brave
Aircraft that costs us many millions
To the Blue Angels they are a slave

Her Baby

Tears streamed down her aged face
When she saw the Sgt at her door
She knew the news he was bringing
She would talk to her baby no more

Two years he had spent in the Army
Being so proud to serve this country
He had enlisted soon after high school
Loving the land of the brave and free

He was saving money to go to college
About half of his money went to the bank
Striving to be the best soldier in his unit
He soon started making a higher rank

On sands of an Iraqi desert he had fallen
It was in an ambush they never did see
They were shot by men in civilian clothes
In her arms again her baby never will be

The Price Of Freedom

They loved to walk and talk together
It seemed they both liked it that way
They would discuss important things
Hand in hand they walked on that day

She remembered how they had talked
For it was on a damp cool spring day
He told her his unit had been called
To fight in a war on a land so far away

With tear dimmed eyes he held her
He knew he didn't want to be in a war
The kiss he gave her would be the last
She would see her husband no more

Today he walks on the golden shore
His wife he left down here on earth
He had paid for the price of freedom
Sadly she now knows what it is worth

Daddy's Girl

He will walk those halls of glory
This young man who went away
To help protect our great country
Killed by an Iraqi bullet that day

He will return to his homeland
To Americians a hero he will be
Giving his life for freedom for us
Interred at the Arlington cemetery

A white cross will be his mortality
Along with heros in this green field
Freedom for this country they died
Their courage they would never yield

He leaves a wife and a child behind
His sweet little daughter is almost four
She wonders where her daddy has gone
In this life they will see him no more

Live A Little

Live a little, think about today
A dream then will come your way
Walk a while then take a rest
Thoughts then will come the best

Look to the sky see it is blue
Feel the love she has for you
Stand tall smell the fresh air
Feel her fingers in your hair

Listen to sounds with your ear
Sweet music you will now hear
Smell the scent of a pink rose
Wonderful feelings to your nose

Know what is inside your head
Face this world without dread
Pray to your God high above
He will fill your heart with love

Enjoy The Beauty

Beauty seen through his aged eyes
Brings back youth to him in memory
Wild flowers grew in abundance then
Their facinating beauty he could see

With hybred flowers that now grow
Brilliance in the colors are brighter
But the scent found of the wildflower
Seemed to be more airy and lighter

Beauty he finds surrounds him daily
Walking through the garden he can see
A lovely rose with petals smooth as silk
Large purple blooms on a tall tulip tree

God created a world with much beauty
Enjoy it, don't ignor it for it may go away
Many people in this world can't enjoy it
For darkness fills their world every day


Do not ever walk away from Him
Just you let Him have your hand
There to sit and meditate a while
And listen to the Heavenly band

He will talk to you for many hours
His patience will never wear thin
With His love everlasting for us all
His blood will wash away your sin

Many miracles God has shown us
He made Jesus His righteous son
In a barn in the city of Bethlehem
Baby Jesus Christ's life had begun

Jesus then walked here among men
Telling of a life after death that He knows
Hung on a wooden cross until He died
From the tomb of death He then arose

Let a miracle happen to you in this life
Wont you talk to God this blessed day
Ask Him to forgive you of all your sins
Take a trip on that Heavenly highway

Saturday Nights

I remember Saturday nights long ago
Country music was played on our radio
Sitting in the back yard near the old car
Tuning in to the Grand Old Opry show

Roy Acuff was one of the stars back then
Walbash Cannonball was his big hit song
We would turn the volume way up high
Then everyone there would sing along

Bill Monroe had his Bluegrass Boys
They would sing Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Saturday nights when the car was gone
The dry cell radio worked if we were lucky

Songs we heard them sing on WSM
Were songs that were big in their day
Songs were so simple but told a story
They were sung that good hillbilly way

My Friend Tawl Tawl

I will never forget the weekend
My friend Tawl Tawl got drunk
From drinking rum in Angelos
You know how that man stunk

We got him to go to the base
Afraid of troubles he might do
I heard the roar of a big truck
Problems were going to brew

He drove the truck over the flowers
Planted in a bed there on the lawn
He shifted that old truck into second
Soon him and that old truck was gone

On his right he saw the mess hall
He shifted and made a hard right
Thirty days in the brig they gave him
Now they keep the keys out of sight

Two Hearts

When you see him again tomorrow
Will your heart be filled with sorrow
Think about the man you sent away
You might want him again one day

The dreams that you built together
You both thought would last forever
Now it looks like you had your way
Your lies have drove that man away

Once their hearts had beat as one
A dream world they thought was won
Today they walk their separate ways
Ahead there will be but gloomy days

Think of what happened to these two
They didn't have a love that was true
Your love you must tell her every day
You know true lovers will never stray

copyright 2003 By Acie

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