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My Poems Page 93


Jessica was just a small town girl
Who wanted to get an education
She joined the army to pay for it
And help defend this great nation

Training with the others in her unit
She learned how to shoot her gun
Knowing if she ever got in a battle
She would never ever turn and run

One night in the height of a battle
They got lost making a wrong turn
So much smoke was erupting there
Iraqis tanks were starting to burn

Jessica started shooting the enemy
Firing until her last round was spent
She had been hit with two bullets
Captured, with the Iraqis she went

Eight days and nights they held her
In a filthy room she would then live
Never giving up hope for her rescue
Her voice to God she then did give

Her prayers to Him were answered
They rescued her from that filthy place
Rushing her on to one of our coptors
Soon knowing they had won the race

Jessica, we here in the USA salute you
Your bravery has made us all so proud
Although you are very small in stature
Your actions have spoken so very loud

Seven Brave Souls

It was a quiet Sunday morning
When we heard the news on TV
Seven galliant heros were freed
Coalition forces they were to see

Amubushed near the city Nasiriyah
Were five of our fine brave souls
They had veered off their course
On a highway that was full of holes

Two had crashed an Apache copter
They were captured and we did see
The Iraqi parading them all around
We saw them as they were on TV

Yes seven of America finest soldiers
Have been rescued this lovely day
Soon they will be with their families
Much happiness will be on its way

The bravery shown by these seven
Lets the world know what we are about
Freedom is much more than a word to us
Their courage shows there is no doubt

Our Soldier

He could feel the heat of the battle
As bullets were flying over his head
He was dug deeply in a dirt bunker
He could see the wounded and dead

To Baghdad was his solemn promise
Saddem will be made to meet his fate
His resolve shall never be diminished
He doesn't know the time or the date

He knows his country depends on him
To fight the evil forces to the very end
He will fight with every ounce of his energy
His will can't be broken nor will it bend

He has a family that is so proud of him
He knows he will be seeing them soon
He dreams of the day he will be home
To walk with his lady under a full moon

A Son's War

They sit at home and wait
For a word from their son
John is just a young man
In a war that must be won

Called away from college
He fights in a war in Iraq
He has a fine lady waiting
She prays he will be back

The sand in the desert air
Burns his unshaven face
If not for the devil Saddem
He wouldn't be in this place

Soon this war will be over
Peace will come to this land
When John returns home
A big party will be planned


People in the USA sometimes forget
What has made this country so great
All of us working for a common cause
Working together without bias or hate

Looking for something so much better
Immigrates have landed at our shore
Many hard working men and women
Looking for freedom, hoping for more

Remember your forefathers came here
From countries from which they did live
They added to the greatness of the USA
Sometimes it was their life they did give

Freedom is what has made us so great
For it is the thing no one can take away
We may have our differences of opinion
Still we are the greatest nation, the USA

My Flower Garden

The beauty of my flower garden
Gives my eyes pleasures untold
From the purple of a pretty Violet
To a Nasturtium of deep rich gold

You can see the white Moonflower
Love in a Mist is a purple so pale
Larkspurs growing majestically tall
Phlox Stary Eyes so hearty and hale

Pansies are one of the early bloomers
Their colors are so varied and bright
Mexican Sunflower Torch is so lovely
My Four O'clocks even bloom at night

Batchelor Buttons are a great grower
Aster Matsumoto grows so very tall
Bells Of Ireland grow as a soft green
Mums, a great favorite grow in the fall

Lovely Springtime

A cool shower on an early April morn
Brings back the Earth's Spring cover
Azeleas are just now starting to bloom
Mother Nature is bursting out all over

Lawns are changing from ugly Brown
To the richness of a carpet of Green
Birds are starting to build their nests
Yellow Daffodils are now to be seen

Pink Dogwood is blooming so pretty
Tulips are now showing their bloom
We will be planting our garden flowers
Just as soon as we can find the room

With a renewed freshness in the air
Thoughts of Winter are now long past
Warm weather brings joy to our lives
Yes lovely Springtime is here at last

His Wife

As he walked along beside her
He realized the love in his heart
Life with her has much meaning
Her life he will forever be a part

It's a dream world he now lives in
With this beautiful lady by his side
He thinks back to how he met her
And the day she became his bride

Tomorrow he knows will be great
Together they will ever be as one
With the love they will ever share
Life will forever be filled with fun

Life he knows can be so wonderful
Every day he thanks his God above
For sending a lady that is wonderful
A lady in which he can share his love

At Heavens Gate

He remembers how he first met her
Although it seems so very long ago
They were just two kids in their teens
They fell in love and it did daily grow

Long time friends and sweethearts
They made their way throughout life
Happiness was always with those two
Life was great as husband and wife

Then angels came down to see him
On their wings they carried him away
To that home waiting up in Heaven
Her heart was broken that sad day

He is sitting up there waiting for her
He knows now that she wont be late
Wanting to be together once more
As he sits and waits at heavens gate

Springtime Season

With the cold dank winter behind us
Our thoughts are now turning to spring
Of the young men and ladies in love
Waiting for the wedding bells to ring

Smell the sweet scent of honeysuckle
Hear the bees buzzing near a flower
Nature blooms quickly in springtime
You can see it change hour by hour

Pretty Azealas are now are in bloom
With leaves now coming on the trees
Grass is growing so green on my lawn
Spring is the season made to please

The fruits of summer will soon be here
Strawberries will be their luscious best
We will make a big vegetable garden
Grow tomatoes that pass the taste test

How beautiful the world has been made
Pure perfection, He planned it this way
Enjoying all the sights you find around you
Will bring so much happiness to your day

copyright 2003 By Acie

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