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My Poems Page 92

Time Passes By

The red glow of the setting sun
Shows high in the western sky
Another day is soon to be over
Swiftly they seem to pass on by

Yesterday, we were just children
Innocent from the sins of this day
We were all carefree and happy
Always looking for a game to play

Today the world seems different
It is an ever hurry life we now live
Not taking the time to hear others
Never to listen to advice they give

Tomorrow as we look to the sunset
See the beauty in the western sky
We know life is how He planned it
We can see that as time passes by

The Bench

His park bench is empty now
Yet there is bloom on the rose
A garden he tenderly cared for
Is so beautiful and still grows

Back in time as a young man
He had met the love of his life
He courted and he adored her
Soon then she became his wife

One year later he planted a rose
He showed her his love this way
Every year he planted her a rose
Always on their anniversary day

This garden of happiness stands
It's where they spent many hours
Adoring their lovely surroundings
On the bench among the flowers

My Dream World

The beauty of a warm spring day
Is enhanched by a clear blue sky
Without any clouds to blunt the sun
This world is so pleasing to my eye

I breathe the fresh air of springtime
In my world that is free of any care
Problems of the world are shut out
It is here I can lay my thoughts bare

To dream of a world that is peaceful
Without any anger to a fellow man
This I feel on a wonderful sunny day
Sadly it is not in our every day plan

Tomorrow I must face the real world
One that is filled with so much fright
But this day I will enjoy my thoughts
Knowing this day will turn into night

A Perfect Spring Day

God gave us a beautiful site this day
Forsythia were blooming bright yellow
Azalea bushes with a stunning purple
Tulip with blossoms bright and mellow

The day started with a bright blue sky
Not one cloud to obscure a bright sun
Air that is fresh as this springtime day
I see the young joggers starting to run

Daffodils with their yellow blooms show
On the hill blooms a white Dogwood tree
Soon the Redbud will be in its full bloom
This is a fantastic world He gave us to see

I can hear the mowers as they cut the grass
Birds are busy picking up twigs for a nest
Spring is the most perfect time of the year
At least to me it is the time I like the best


It is with our hearts that we say it
God will bless these United States
Rembering how we were created
Thinking back to important dates

Back in 1776 is when we had started
Knowing that we all wanted to be free
Fighting the battles they won that war
They built this nation for you and me

1917 and 1941 world wars we were in
Confronted with devils waging their sin
We fought and won the freedom of many
Back then lovers of freedom all pitched in

But today sadly we have a different story
Some don't remember the freedom we won
Countries we helped keep their way of life
Now turn their head from us and they run

Sad Saddem

Old Saddem blinked in horror
As the bombs rained on down
His elite guards began to run
GI's started to Baghdad town

Hot desert winds were howling
Saddem knows his reign is over
He looked far out into the desert
He is seeking a place for cover

No matter where you go Saddem
We will be only one step from you
Your day is coming so soon now
Your troubles are begining to brew

Saddem look back to your evil life
You know you have lived ever in sin
When you go to see your dear allah
He will tell you that you can't come in

Do You See

Alone I am sitting in my little world
Thinking of what others might see
The dainty petals of a beautiful rose
A squrriel climbing up a hickory tree

Can they see what wonders we have
A world that has beauty for our eyes
Waterfalls from a mountain high above
To all the stars that are up in the skies

To water that is in the oceans so blue
A mountain that is capped with snow
Waving grain seen in the farmers field
Green grass in the lawns we see grow

I smile when I see a new born puppy
Or a child as he squeals with delight
Just think of all the beauty God made
When He created this world with light

Our Senses

Hear the singing of the birds
See the color of the flowers
Smell the aroma of the rose
Feel the cool spring showers

Watch the children so happy
Playing a game that they love
Look to hills and see the trees
See a blue sky high up above

Hear the running of a stream
Feel the rain upon your head
Smell the fresh roasted coffee
Taste jam thats on your bread

If you have all of these senses
You can thank the Man up above
Although many have some lacking
God still fills their hearts with love

Southern Ohio Hills

The hills wake from a winter sleep
Scarred sites is what she now sees
Broken limbs caused by heavy ice
Weighted and uprooted the trees

To see a mighty Oak on the ground
Where once she stately stood tall
Until the ice on her became heavy
She lost her grasp and she did fall

Hickories where the squirrels played
No longer will be their playground
Succmbing to that heavy icestorm
Not many Hickories can be found

Their broken limbs in time will mend
The scars of devastation then will go
Magnificent beauty we will again see
When the young trees begin to grow

This Peaceful Path

The joy of walking a wooded trail
To see what natures has in store
Beautiful wild flowers grow there
Serenely peaceful a place to adore

Hear the sounds of the woodland
See a squirrel as he climbs a tree
Take a breath of freshly scented air
A place of comfort for you and me

Feel the tranquility of this pathway
Know your heart is filled with love
Cast your eyes to a cloudless sky
See an eagle flying so high above

Never alone as I am walking here
I know His presence is ever near
The beauty He created for my eyes
I will ever hold in this heart so dear

copyright 2003 By Acie

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