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My Poems Page 91

A Green Valley

As I walk down in the green valley
I can see flowers starting to bloom
Dainty yellow daffidols can be seen
Showing wintertime has met it doom

With a fresh smell in the spring air
Gone is dregs of a winter now past
What a feeling of happiness I have
I know warm days are coming at last

I can hear the buzz of a honey bee
He is seeking nectar from the flowers
Back then to the hive with his harvest
A routine he can keep doing for hours

A beautiful clear day I can now see
One that is filled with earthly beauty
A respite from our common daily life
God made this place for you and me

Near Him

Can you feel His love around you
His presence you know is so near
The serenity of a morning with Him
Leaves you happy, and without fear

Many wonderful things He tells you
So peaceful as you hear Him talking
Each stride seem to be without effort
Side by side with Him you are walking

Walking the same path that He walks
Will bring goodness into your being
With so much warm comfort in heart
His beautiful world you will be seeing

Hearing the birds singing Him a song
Melodies so sweet sounding to my ear
With love inside my heart overwhelming
I know when I need Him, He will be near


See the beauty of this world
Open your eyes look around
From the blue up in the sky
To the grass on the ground

Blooming flowers are so pretty
Like on a stem a rose we see
Or a buttercup standing lonely
Magnolia blooms up in a tree

If an Azelea suits your fancy
Red, Pink, or one Snow White
Springtime, when you see them
Makes your whole world bright

I adore the beautiful Orchids
Made so fragile and so light
When God created our world
He made all the flowers right

A Blue World

Blue is the color of loneliness
Heart aches, sadness sets in
Feelings of remorse gathers
Echos of the past then begin

Where did the happiness go
How did the day turn to night
Reasons all come back to him
Wishing things had been right

He walks in a blue world today
With never a smile on his face
His heart was over joyed once
But sadness the joy did replace

A blue fog now settles over him
Never will he find wedded bliss
It ended that day when he saw
Another man sharing her kiss

An Old Soldier

Dark stubble shows on his gaunt face
As he hasn't shaved the past few days
Sadness shows on the face of this man
Visions of that war still in his mind plays

Proud he was to serve our country in war
He still wears his cap he wore as a ranger
Without any care he had led his platoon
With no fear in his heart he faced danger

He wonders what the war had done to him
Because he uses alcohol to mumb his brain
The bad dreams he endures most every night
Roars through his head much like a freight train

He knows his time on earth is getting shorter
Who or where does he lay all of this blame
A soldier who has all this love for his country
Knows war is hell, its not just playing a game

My Feelings

Walking along in these light shadows
I have feelings of comfort come to me
Birds are singing high in a pine tree
Its a world of perfect beauty I can see

My air is filled with the aroma of lilac
Light airy clouds dot a pale blue sky
Contentment wells deep in my heart
Overwhelming feelings from on high

As I walk along this winding pathway
I can hear the angelic voices sing to me
Singing in perfect harmony I hear them
It is such a beautiful world here I can see

If I could but remain here until eternity
My heart would be ever filled with love
Waiting to be call home up in heaven
To then ascend to that land high above

The Old Farmer

Heavy muscles show on his lanky frame
They are toned by a scythe he does swing
A farmer working from sunup until sunset
To his families table the food he will bring

Working the soil is what he does the best
He had attended college many years ago
Studying the latest in modern agriculture
He learned how to make his crops grow

He pauses and looks all around his farm
Seeing what all his hard work has done
He grins as he thinks back two years ago
At the fair, a blue ribbon he corn had won

He works hard every day except Sunday
He attends church with his family that day
Always he will remember his great Creator
Kneeling by his bed each night he does pray

Spring Is Here

I can feel Springtime in the air
Refreshing both soul and heart
I see birds start building nests
This is when Spring gets a start

Daffodils showing their buds
Tulips soon will be in bloom
Winter will soon be long past
Lawns we will start to groom

Farmers are tilling their fields
They soon will be planting corn
Out in the pasturelands we see
Unsteady legs of a calf newborn

Dogwood trees will soon bloom
Songs of the birds we will hear
All of these things will show us
Beautiful Spring finally is here

Sands Of Time

Sands of time keep on pouring
With never a stop, never a rest
When your sand no longer pours
Will you be on the path that is best

When your hourglass has run dry
Your time upon Earth will be done
Will you then look up unto heaven
Has your victory on Earth been won

Will you go to see your love ones
Those who have passed on before
Or will torment and pain be for you
There is one way you can be sure

Just follow what He has taught us
Keep on that narrow and straight path
It is with the blessings of our Savior
We do not have to feel hell's wrath

Four Seasons

We see a bright sun that is rising
On this beautiful early spring day
Not one cloud in a clear blue sky
Warm weather is now on it's way

Sights and sounds of a spring day
Will rid us of all of our winter blues
It is such a wonderful relief to us
This past winter we paid our dues

Without a coat, the children play
At recess down at the local school
It wont be too many more weeks
Until they go swiming in their pool

The misery of wintertime is past
Enjoy the springtime as you can
Just remember the four seasons
Are all a part of the Masters plan

copyright 2003 By Acie

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