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My Poems Page 90

No More Ice Please

Friday it started out with a drizzle
Saturday the rain began to freeze
At first we didn't pay much attention
Sunday it brought us to our knees

We could hear the limbs crashing
With a thud down went a tall tree
Every minute we could hear them
Loud as if they had fallen near me

Although it had quit raining Monday
The falling of the trees did not stop
Four inches of ice coating the trees
The weight then caused them to drop

Tuesday came and still the trees fell
As the early morning saw more rain
Not nearly as much as we had before
But certainly enough to add to our pain

Wednesday, hopes were much brighter
Temperatures were now begining to rise
Thursday after a foggy and grey morning
The ice melted much to our great surprise

Its Thursday night there is no much to do
No computer or TV, cable downed by trees
Next time it is near freezing and starts to rain
I will look at the skies, and say no ice please

Four Days Of Ice

All of this ice brought back to me
A time I had known so long before
Lots of heavy blankets on my bed
My bare feet walking on a cold floor

Four inches of ice was covering them
Limbs and whole trees began to fall
Most cables and lines were broken
Sparing a phone line so we could call

For more than four days we suffered
Electricity I guess I missed most of all
At times it sounded like a battleground
The trees would weaken, crack and fall

After four days of darkness and no heat
Magically, I saw a lamp had become lit
Power had been restored to our homes
TV cable broken, computer works off it

So it is games I will play on my old PC
Until that cable guy comes up my way
Then I can have contact with my friends
I haven't heard from for many a long day

Radio station WNXT was our only link to the outside world. They provided us with all the local information they could. They had a call in program letting us know where there were different supplies we could get. They did all of this without charging. If a store got new supplies they told us when and where we could get them. God bless these people.


All the men and women of station WNXT
Will forever be held in our deep esteem
Your generous help during our disaster
Has helped us all through this bad dream

For helping the people solve problems
Telling us all where we might get things
Some may wanted you to play all music
To these old ears all your voices did sing

It is your civic pride that urged you on
Working so hard to keep us informed
Your spirits kept us uplifed day and night
Positive thoughts that were ever formed

Thanks to Steve, Sam and all the rest
To the people, I cannot name you all
In this community we love each of you
Your status with us will forever be tall

Portsmouth Ohio

Portsmouth Ohio you are so fantastic
Working together in every emergency
When a disaster strikes our neighbors
We all pitch in, after all we are family

Should the water rise into your home
We will find you a place you can stay
No matter how long you stay flooded
You will be so welcome in every way

With neighbors helping all their friends
We see all the generousity as it is given
We all pull together in any terrible crisis
It is with the thought of love we are driven

If a bad calamity you might encounter
There is someone with a helping hand
Portsmouth you have made us so proud
You are the greatest City in all of the land

Heartfelt Thanks

It is with heart felt thanks we tell you
Brave men who resurected our lines
How grateful we are for all your efforts
In our hearts your actions all entwines

Brave souls who have risk life and limb
To free a community locked in an icy grip
You that have traveled far from you home
We kindly thank you for making the trip

We heard the chainsaws as they buzzed
Men in the trucks bucket we did then see
Bringing us hope from our great dilemma
A catastrophe felt by my neighbor and me

Portsmouth and Scioto County salute you
We hope our kindness has eased your day
City where Southern Hospitality begins says
God bless, for in our hearts you will ever stay

Radio station WPAY had two towers, one nearly 800 ft tall, the other nearly 600 ft tall. They served both the AM and Fm stations, as well as the local fire, police, and sheriff. They also served many other companies such as paging companies.

Two Towers

Standing so tall on the mountain
Sending signals far out into the air
Coated with ice that was so heavy
Collapsing sending debris everwhere

These were the towers of WPAY
Two tall towers that stood so high
Serving our community for years
Now in this scrap pile they do lie

Towers that were used by so many
Portsmouth fire and police are two
Paging systems to help the people
These will be missed by me and you

The landscape now looks different
Without the towers being up there
With all the trouble they have had
WPAY FM is now back on the air

Hey Cableman

I would like to log on to my PC
Adelphia says no you must wait
We don't have all our cables up
You Adelphia I am starting to hate

Without cable for nine long days
These nights are driving me crazy
Hey cableman come up my way
I am beginning to think you are lazy

I understand your cables are down
Electric and phones went down too
They have been back six days now
Don't think I am just picking on you

Disgusted, yes you might say I am
If you would only do what is right
I would think about keeping you on
Maybe I should order us a satelite

My Dilemma

Dark clouds formed that morning
We could hear the sleet as it fell
We just knew it wouldn't last long
Everything was going to be swell

At lunch time the ice was forming
We saw it sleet the rest of the day
Soon the streets were ice covered
Traffic was slowed on the highway

We saw the limbs starting to droop
Weight of the ice pulled them down
Soon we started to hear them break
Broken limbs were seen over town

Hearing the trees as they started to fall
Gave us an eerie feeling all that night
When we woke up the next morning
What we saw was a sickening sight

Trees were downed almost everywhere
Across all of the power lines they did lay
Nine eleven that morning power went off
It wasn't restored until well in to the fifth day

Adelphia says it may be a month or more
Until I can get my internet service back
Lo and behold I turned on my computer
At 9 this morning I did get back on track

Back To Norm

Today things are returning to normal
Basketball I can again see on my TV
To our pleasure the cable works again
I can again talk to my friends on my PC

For fourteen long days we have waited
Old movies were shown day and night
The electric was off for over four days
Fifth day a lamp was shining so bright

Ice storms are a hard thing to visualize
Sleet piles up into an unseen icy glaze
It covers everything that is in the open
Not leaving until we got warmer days

Now it is over we all want to think back
Not one person perished in the storm
Thank God everyone's life was spared
Everything now seem to be back to norm

My Optometrist

I saw my Optometrist the other day
He ask is 1 alright or is two better
I heard him turn the lens all around
Trying to sharpen up that little letter

He put some drops into both my eyes
Then a small tissue he did hand to me
He told me someone would be right in
Our aim is to make sure you can see

Looking at frames til my eyes wore out
I then selected a pair that fit me the best
The lady told me she would be back soon
I then shut my eyes and gave them a rest

I am satisfied with these tests they ran
I can now see if one is better than two
My new glasses will fit me so perfectly
I can see what is red, or white, or blue

copyright 2003 By Acie

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